The 10 Best URL Shorteners to Supercharge Your Marketing

Looking for the best URL shorteners? 

Of course, a link shortener is one of the legit ways to enhance the quality of the URL while sharing on social mediums. It looks pretty impressive and minimal when it comes to link sharing. We’ve already written a few of the articles which state the link shortening strategies from scratch. I recommend you to visit them. 

This article is all about the URL shorteners which you’ll get to know furthermore, just stick to the post to know which one suits you better. 

But before that let me quickly introduce you to the few things which you need to know if you’re entering into the world of URL shortening. All are user friendly in terms of interface and the features which make them unique and genuine.

What Is the URL? 

In just one word URL stands for ‘Uniform Resource Locator’ which is usually used to identify the location and their details on the internet (search engine specifically). You might have seen whenever you visit any website on the internet the search box consists of some sort of URL which is a link to the website. 

Few might get confused about ‘Is domain name is the part of the URL?’ 

Yes, it’s the part of URL which is interchangeable as per choices. But it cannot be stated as the URL is just a domain name because lots of elements are included in it. 

All You Need To Know About URL Shorteners

URL shorteners are the tools or services which allow you to shorten the URL as per need. Undoubtedly short URL looks pretty good and also user friendly while sharing, and for so one can use it to short down the URL. 

Apart from these various tools also allows you to track the details about URL, where you’ll be able to find the number of clicks on it. 

Link Shortening Tips

Cliqqo is the most convenient tool out there which helps you to shorten your link, and for so let’s take it for understanding the concept of link shortening.

  • Just copy the URL to clipboard
  • Open Cliqqo in another tab.
  • Paste the copied link into the box provided to you.
  • Then just click on the shorten button.
  • The process is almost done, just copy that shortened URL to the clipboard and use it wherever you want.

Also few of the link shortener provides you the feature of customized URL so that you can select the elements in the URL as per choice.

Importance Of URL Shortener

Despite shortening down the URL there are most of the advantages of using the URL shortener which is mentioned below:-

  • It’s one of the convenient ways to manage the URL, shorter the URL the chances of making it use is more. Once you begin with a short URL you might not use the long URLs all while sharing.
  • In micro-blogging and instant messaging there’s a lot of use of URL shortener.
  • URL shorteners help you for not getting confused by excessively larger URLs which consists of lots of letters and numbers in it.
  • It allows you to create the best-branded URL.
  •  Short URLs are easy to remember and easy to share, also you can use it any banner or the graphics more often.
  • According to research, it’s been noticed that the short URLs get 39% more clicks than the long URLs.
  • You get the advantage of tracking the audience based upon the clicks.

So these were few things which you need to know before knowing about the URL shorteners. Now, let’s move directly to the top 10 URL shorteners.

Top 10 URL Shorteners To Boost Up Your Marketing

Although there are tons of options available from which you can select as per choice but let me tell you before, not every URL shortener works finely. We’ve shortlisted the top 10 list of URL shorteners which you can use to shorten down the URL.



Cliqqo is a new but powerful URL shortener that you can use for free. All you have to do is to create your free account using an email address. Once you become familiar with it you’ll know that it’s one of the best URL shorteners out there.

Along with the URL short, it also track the URL clicks and some other things that are essential. Cliqqo’s detailed analytics helps you a lot in this process to track all the necessity.

Price: It is a free tool but if you want more advanced features you’ll need to upgrade your services to premium one which is available at just $7/ month.

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Bitly is the best top-notch platform/ tool for enterprise businesses. I shorten down all my links using Bitly as it’s the convenient platform out there which gets all my job done at less time. They allow you to built as many as possible links using it.

Although it’s a free tool that allows you to shorten down the 500 branded URLs and 10000 non branded URLs which is a great deal if you want to get started. Make your link to look super impressive and convenient while sharing it on the social media platforms.

Also, free service includes tracking the clicks and the analysis of the URL which is a great thing about Bitly. Despite this, you can upgrade your plan to premium one where you can shorten down the unlimited URLs as per need. Apart from this, you can also do some more detailed analytics of the URL. 

Price:- The premium plan begins from just $500/month.

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As the name suggests Rebrandly is all abound providing brandy URL to the links you want. It improves the quality of the link in terms of sharing and clicks. It’s one of the best platforms for small businesses looking to built up their brands using Rebrandly.

You’re allowed to customize the URL based upon its brand value. Rebrandly helps you to create the new URL which includes the new domain name which you can customize later. Also you can use your domain instead. To shorten down the URL.

Although Rebrandly is a paid platform it allows you to create your account for free where you’ll get 1000 branded links and the customize domain options are also available where you can name the URLs per choice. It’s one of the best tools out there which helps you to modify the URL and to shorten it as per choice.

Price:- Although it’s a free platform if you want to use some advanced features you can get its premium plan available at just $29/ month where you can also add the team members.

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Click Meter


Click meter is the all-rounder program for the larger businesses to link shortens. Basically the Clickmeter is the sister branch of the Rabrandly which we’ve discussed recently. But Clickmeter has some of the advanced features installed in it which you can use to enhance the usage and the tracking details.

One of the most useful features offered by the Clickmeter is the conversion feature which makes the sense, a lot of other shorteners miss. Although it’s not a free tool so you need to get subscribe to its premium single plan.

Price:- The price is pretty decent which costs you $29/ month which is acceptable.

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Tiny URL


Tiny URL is known for its minimalistic features which won’t confuse you if you’re looking for easy to use shortener. As it especially designed for the casual users who’re looking for the best in class URL shortener. Tiny URL is one of the genuine and trusted URLs shorteners of all time which is capturing the marketplace when there were no smartphones and Facebook.

Though the Tiny URL lacks some of the advanced features provided by the other shorteners, But it has its advantage of using because its way simple to use and to shorten the URL. But the point which you need to know is that it doesn’t have any tracking feature in it so you don’t even have to create an account to use it.

Its simplicity helps to build up a short and easy URL.

Price:- Tiny URL offers you a free service to use.

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Clkim is a well-known platform that is a bit similar to Rebrandly. Clkim is designed to make the bloggers, influencers, and affiliate marketers work easier as they provide the kind of services that are simple to use. 

The only difference is that Clkim helps you to get focused upon monetization which is a great thing. Clkim could be a great option for the digital marketers out there which helps them to track the URL in various ways also you’ll be able to track the number of clicks on the URL.

Although it’s not a free platform but offers you 14 days of free trial where you can examine their services and features, later onwards you’ll need to pay for the using their services.

Price:- The plan gets starts at just $10/ month.

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Polr is an open-source platform where you can create the links based upon the technical usage and can also host the link shortener. Its usually discovered for own hosting URL shorteners. 

Polr is the all-rounder platform which helps you to customize the link as per the individual needs. The languages used in the URL are written based upon the PHP and Lumen which might look like Greek words included but that’s fine while sharing as it looks unique and very less elements are included in it.

If you want to hands upon the Polr features just visit the homepage of the Polr Demo where you’ll need to past the link which you want to get shortened.

Price:- Polr Demo is available for free.

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IS.GD is the all-rounder URL shortener which you can use to shorten down the URL, its minimal features make the sense of using it. Although its one of the best platforms available out there which you can use to lowers down the elements in the URL.

It’s discovered for the casual users out there as it’s easy to use platform. Although IS.GD provides you free services, you won’t have to pay a single penny to get your work done. The features are pretty decent so make sure to have a look upon it. 

Also, once you create the link using IS.GD you own the link as it doesn’t gets disappear which is the plus point of it. Apart from this, you can also track the details and the clicks on the URL. 

Price:- IS.GD won’t charge you a single penny for using their services.

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If you’re quite familiar with the social medium then you might have seen the URL consisting of elements like It’s one of the best and widely used platforms that helps you to customize the URL based upon the domain name. 

Its social media scheduling tool which helps you to shorten down the link, as you just need to put your link while scheduling an social media, and it’ll get shortened using the domain name ‘’ 

Although it’s a free platform to lowers down the elements in the URL but if you want to track the link you’ll need a subscription for it. 

Plan:- Foe tracking the URL you’ll need to upgrade your services which will cost you $15/ month.

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Free URL Shortener


It’s one of the best platforms available out there. If you’re the one who runs the eCommerce store then its tough to manage all of your long-tail URL which makes no sense while sharing it on social media. In such cases, the Free URL Shortener could be the best option for you.

It’s a free platform that helps you to track all of the details about the shortened URL.

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Final Verdict

So these were the top 10 URL shorteners that you can take your online business to the next level.

The Internet consists of various URL shorteners but while selecting the legit ones there are few things which you need to know, after researching a lot about it I came across the above top 10 URL shorteners which you can use to shorten down your next link.


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