5 Best Alternatives of Bitly in 2020

Bitly is kind of best in class URL shortener which provides you a complete package with done extra added features that might blow up your mind. Some of the key features of the Bitly are analytics, bundles, etc. As soon as you’ll get in touch with it you’ll discover a lot more things about it which might help you in your business.

One of the major reason behind Bitly’s success is its two tap feature which allows you to convert long link URL into shorter ones. A similar thing is available on Twitter too which is a social media platform having an inbuilt URL shortener which minimizes the elements in the URL.

But for now, due to the increment of some additional confusing features, the task has become frustrating. So if you’re the one who’s in search of the best alternatives for the Bitly then this post might help you a lot. Although we came across tons of other URL shorteners very few of them work genuinely, which hard for us to find reliable ones.

But after lots of research, we shortlisted the top 5 Bitly alternatives which you need to know if you’re in search of it.

But before getting hop into it let me convey you a few things that you need to know.

Why You Should Use URL Shortener? 

The work of URL shortener, not only to shorten down the link, has some additional aspects too which you need to know. So following are some of the advantages of the URL shorteners which you need to know if you’re an online business owner or marketer:

  • As the name suggests URL shorteners are known for their URL shortening feature which is kind od the most useful feature of all time. It’s highly used while sharing a link on social media platforms.
  • Some of the URL shorteners also provide you the monitoring feature which is a kind of useful feature which allows you to track the clicks of the viewers. Through this process, you’ll get to know how many people have clicked on the link you shared.
  • Rewriting The URL is another great feature that is provided by very few of the tools. You can select the elements as per the choice which means the customization of the URL.

What Makes Bitly The Best URL Shortener? 

Bitly is the leading platform of all time which provides you some sort of additional features too which is a good thing. Bitly has blown my mind since the beginning of the link-sharing which I used to so to enhance my businesses.

Here we came across the various advantages which you need to know about the Bitly:

  • It’s efficient in terms of services providing and its features. 
  • It’s free of cost, also you don’t have to register on-site to get started with it.
  • You can shorten down the link just with your phone itself (the app is available only for iOS).
  • You can create up to 5000-bit links and 500 branded links which is a good thing about Bitly.

There are quite other benefits too which makes the Bitly unique. Here you can select the custom elements too which is essential for the brand. Once you begin with it you won’t get out of it due to its awesome features.

But, for those who need some of the other Bitly alternatives here, we bring up to you the great options available out there.

5 Best Alternatives of Bitly

If you’re an online marketer or just a business owner then the alternative options which we’re going to see can help you in various different ways. These alternatives can be used by any of the small business owners as well as the content creators too as links are the major part of the content world.

So let’s dive into it. 

1. Cliqqo.io 


Cliqqo is our self-owned tool which is a great alternative source of the bitly. Most of the time it happens that you need some advanced features to get involved in the URL shortener. We have a good day for all those features which are essential for any of the businesses, marketers, digital marketers, etc.

If you have just begun your online journey and wanted to get started with the URL shortener then cliqqo.io could be the best option for you to shorten the URL in terms of elements.

Good things first we have taken out some of the key features which you need to know if you are planning to get started with Cliqqo.io:

  • It creates the short and easy to Remember link which will be helpful for your audience to remember it. It provides your customer with a great experience while tapping on the link
  • Shorten link is very useful to increase the brand value. If you use it more frequently it’ll help to enhance your business growth. 
  • Cliqqo.io is one of the best tools for online creators and networkers out there.
  • You get complete control over the link which you can also customize as per the elements required to make it branded.

 Price: Although it’s a free platform where you can shorten the link you want. But the features unlimited in the free one, if you are looking for both features and more branded links to be created then you need to subscribe to its premium version following are the options available in premium subscription:-

  • The basic plan is available at just $7.99/ month where you get all the features except the custom domain name.
  • The pro plan is available at just $14.99/ month which is specially designed for the big business owners. Here you get complete control over the link which you’ve shortened. 

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2. AdF.ly


Besides all the URL Shorteners out there, AdF.ly is kind of unique not just because it’s service but also because it’s a clean and easy interface. AdF.ly is one of the best in class and aesthetic URL shorteners which came with the best features which might blow up your mind.

Any marketer out there can generate the revenue out of the shorten link so make sure to shorten as possible as it can be. To get started with AdF.ly you just need to sign in to it which is a pretty simple process. The good thing I like about AdF.ly is its free to use, it won’t charge you a single penny to use their best service.

You also get the feature of tracking the visitors which allows you to know how many people are clicking on the link you’ve shared with them. Despite all, you get an option of sharing it throughout the social media platforms which makes the sense, you don’t have to use any 3rd party application while sharing the link.

The best thing is that after sharing a link on social media platforms you can examine it in such a way that you’ll get to know about the engagements. You don’t need to be a pro to understand the features, it’s pretty simple and aesthetic to use.

Price: You might get surprised but it’s free, you don’t have to pay a single buck to use AdF.ly.

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3. Shareaholic


Shareaholic is one of the best alternatives of the Bitly which you can use to shorten the URL to make it super simple and minimal in terms of looks. One of the great features I like about Shareaholic is that you can share the URL just with a single click on any of the social media platforms so you don’t have to look for and third party application.

It’s kind of the best and most reliable platform which is linked with the Firefox, Chrome, etc. browsing platform which is a great thing about Shareaholic. One can share the link with the best suitable platforms are available out there on your device. The best thing I like about it is a free platform available which won’t charge a single penny to get your work done.

But some of the features are releasing which might make you think about, despite this, if you are looking for a reliable and minimal platform then this might be a great choice for you to maintain sustainability without confusion.

Price: it’s a completely free platform so you don’t have to worry much about the payment. Just copy the link you want to shorten and it’s done.

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4. Rebrandly


And here comes the last in the beast of all URL shortener i.e. Rebrandly. Rebrandly provides you the topnotch URL shortening methods with the new technology which will help you to grow your business. You can not only show the links but here you can customize building as well depending on the brand.

Rebrandly also allows you to share the shortener link throughout the social media platforms as per the choices which are a great thing and that’s why it’s called to be the Beast of all.

Rebrandly also allows you to create your own workspace for your teammates where you can share the short links with your team. So you don’t have to look for or any third-party applications to get your job is done. Link retargeting support is and of best and reliable feature which is very useful to maximize use growth.

You get placed by the hundred Plus integrations with the Rebrandly which makes it unique amongst all URL shorteners. So use it subsequently to grow your businesses.

Price: You can get used to with Rebrandly for free where you get an option of building 500 links which I think is more than enough for small businesses. Once your business start growing you can get it’s premium subscription plans available as below:

  • The starter plan is available at just $29.
  • Pro plan is available at $69.
  • The premium plan is available at $499.
  • For the enterprise plan, you’ll need to talk to sales.

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5. Buff.ly


Buff.ly is the product of buffer which works as an URL shortening tool that converts your long long-tail URLs into short ones which are essential while sharing on social media platforms out there. Not only that it also helps you to track the number of clicks on the link you’ve shared which is considered to be the tracking feature.

It’s the kind of most reliable and smartest tool that shortens the URL by adding a certain domain name as per the choice. One can also customize it subsequently. The best thing I like about Buff.ly is that it is available for free. Though it has some of the paid plans too. But if you’re just a beginner then you can get started with the free version of the buffer which will give you an idea about its usage.

There are various other platforms which are linked with the Buff.ly. which makes the sense of using it. Apart from this, you can also select the elements once you get it’s a premium subscription. Despite this, there are a lot of other features too which are provided by the bigger which gives you a complete package.

Price: You’ll get surprised but that’s true, Buffer gives you a free version to use, but it has some limited features that might affect the big business owners. To upgrade your business you can always get the premium subscription of the Buff.ly which starts at just $15/ month to $399/ month. According to the need, you can select any plan amongst them.

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Final Verdict

Bitly is the Great URL shortener but if you want to get some more then the above alternative is the best and reliable to make your business grow. So use them to shorten the URL and grab the free versions available out there to get started.


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