Key Benefits Of Using Branded Links For Your Business

When it comes to link management let me tell you that any link you share on social media impacts a lot on your business growth. When it depends upon you that in what manner you customize it. You customize it the more you will get you out of that and your brand when you will also get increased more often.

We will get into the marketing tactic of branded shorten links but first, let me convey you a few more things that are more related to it and essential for you to know about.

All You Need To Know About URL Shortening

Its 2020 and most of the businesses are using the URL shortening is a key marketing aspect that allows them to make the URL more brands by customizing it. URL is basically a uniform resource locator that sustainability takes you to the same page but consists of fewer elements and the characters which give it a better look and are easy to share on any of the social media platforms.

It doesn’t matter how long the URL is but the URL shortener will help you on the way around to make it as short as you want. Also, you can add some of the custom domain to make it even branded.

Most of the time it happens that while sharing the long tail Link your whole efforts go useless so make sure to make it short as possible.

Importance Of URL Shortener

Undoubtedly the URL shortener plays a vital role in each stream out there. As there are a number of domains available on the world wide web so in order to gain more insurrection you need to maintain the URL in a certain manner. In such situations, you can always check the help of URL shorteners available out there. One of the most vital things is their costs are very negligible which might not bother you a lot.

The complexity of URL next to send it via any of the social media platforms which makes your task even easier. URL shortener not only shrinks the number of characters but also gives you and handle in order to control the details of that specific link. So make sure not to ignore the fact in order to maintain the sustainable growth of your brand.

The Difference Between The Simple And Branded URLs

Branded links play a crucial role in order to build your own brand and to share the URLs that look pretty good compared to the simple URL. The branded links include the domain name or the brand that specifies your company which is a good thing. This not only do the promotion of your brand but also gains the user attraction by including certain characters in it.

As the name suggests the branded links not only customize your URL link but also release your brand’s recognition which makes it even unique and reliable of all time. So in case if you are about to build branded links make sure to use a specific URL shortener that will help you to customize it according to your choice.

If you are a digital marketer or a blogger each way you might be sharing not of quotes, blog posts, comments, videos, images, etc. In such a situation, if you do not convey your brand value in the URL then you might be lacking most of that just because it’s the part of marketing and management. So if you are the one who wants to promote your brand for free then make sure to include your brand name in the URL you used to share.

Furthermore, in this post, we will get to know about the URL shorteners that can be used in order to maintain your links and make it even branded while sharing that might bring more conversions out of that. If that sounds great to you make sure to stick with the complete post till the end.

When we compared the branded linked with the simple shortened URL link there is so much difference just because the simple URL link just allows you to shorten the URL which might not look that unique and branded. Once there is no domain name included that specifies your brand value, so if you follow the simple URL shortening tips then you might be lacking more.

Why You Should Go With The Branded Links Rather Than The Generic Short Links? 

You can use branded links in various certain ways that might bring more conversion out of that. It not only makes your link good but also allows you to promote your brand for free which does not cost a single penny for that. Well, there are tons of actresses why you should go with the branded links weather than the generic shorten links that do not look that impressive.

So if you are the one who holds the brand value then make sure to go with the branded things which can be created more often which don’t even cost you more than a couple of dollars which is acceptable. If you are just beginning from the scratch let me tell you that the branded links looked pretty good and easy to Remember, to increase if you are sharing those links on social media platforms the chances of conversion will be more. Also, more people will remember it for the long term which is a good thing.

According to research, it’s been noticed that if you are making the URL shorten just normally the chances of getting a click on that specific link increases by 50% but if you add some sort of domain name and brand name in that it goes up to 75-80%  which is a good thing. Not only that the chances of sharing your content also increase which means even if you are just customizing the specific link more often you are indirectly doing the promotion of your brand.

More often if you are including the brand name of the domain name in that specific link you are maximizing the brand value and recognition of your brand which makes the true sense. Apart from this when it comes to the CTR which also gets increased just because of during the brand name in that specific link. 

The inherent reporting mechanism is something that you get along with the branded things which increases the popularity of your brand, also you will be able to track it accordingly. You will be able to track which piece of content is doing well and maximizing your brand value and accordingly we can share it as much as you want. So if you’re planning to make it branded the chances I’d conversion will be more. 

Ideally while tracking the link you can customize it if you want to make it even more branded.

You Get Protection On Shorten Link Against Spammers

Let me tell you that the generic URLs allow the spammers to go through the cyber attack which makes your whole website unprotected. When it comes to the security they would provide you as much protection which means if you are making the linked mode branded you get more protection over there, so no rooms remain over there for Spammers.

Hackers can spam the link just by hacking the password, in order to maintain your name brand you should make it so. It means that even if you are not intended to show the web pages they will be accessible by the people out there. If you want to make it safe then make sure to use the specific domain name or the brand name over there which will make your link even more secure. 

That you will be able to signify it and calculate the details about the shortened branded link.

How Link Shortening Impacts SEO

As I’ve discussed earlier in this post a lot more things about link shortening and impacts it conveys on the SEO. If you’re using the branded links to maximize the brand value it impacts a lot upon the SEO which makes your web page more impressive. Well, there are tons of URL shorteners that used to server URL shortening services for free but let me tell you that most of them are just a scam just because they affect your SEO growth which is necessary.

If you want to run the marketing campaign throughout the link make sure to select the proper you are me so that will provide you more beneficial services which makes the true sense. According to research, it’s been more pleased that most of the URL shortener doesn’t affect your SEO growth and marketing campaign but make sure that to upgrade your plan and to choose the right URL shorteners out there.

Most of them might cost you more than a couple of bucks but they worth per penny which means you will never lose your prospects at any instance. 

So these were some of the important factors are that you need to know about URL shortener and the branded links, for now, let’s move on to some of the highly used URL shorteners that serves the branded short links services that make your tasks much easier. 

Top URL Shorteners That Serve Branded Short Links

When there might be tons of URL shorteners available on there but I was shortlisted a few of the most genuine and best-in-class URL shorteners that allow you to create the branded short links which are essential for your business growth.

So here’s the list:

1. Cliqqo


And here comes the most reliable in our list of URL shorteners which you can use to customize the shorten URLs as per your need. From the link management to the tracking feature, all of the aspects work the proper manner so you can actually examine how’s your link performing.

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2. Bitly


If you are quite familiar to URL shorteners then how can you forget the Bitly which is one of the leading URL shortening tools out there that serve as many features from tracking feature to the branded links creation too. Bitly also allows you to add your domain name so that to showcase your brand value, the brand value creation eventually helps you to do the marketing of your business for free which is a good thing.

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2. Rebrandly


Another option available out there for those who are looking for the only one platform where you can perform various different tasks related to the URL shortening. You might be quite familiar with Rebrandly which is one of the leading platforms out there which is used to serve where are different services related to link management. They also allow you to create branded URLs as well. So make sure to check them out subsequently.

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4. Tiny.CC


If you were the one who usually shares then shorten link on social media then this is the must-have tool right there in your list. Tiny cc is one of the best in class URL shortener consisting of minimal features that might not confuse you at any instant so if your research for the minimal setup that will get your job done for free that I will highly recommend you to go with the Tiny CC.

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So these were my top picks, increase if you are in search of the best URL shorteners you can always go with the other options that I have mentioned.

Final Verdict

So in this post, I have discussed a lot more true facts about the branded shorten links which where is essential for you to know if you want to showcase your brand and to market it without paying a single penny. So if that sounds helpful to you make sure to check out our other posts that will also help you to build the best shorten links which is one of the essential concepts.

Apart from this if you are in search of the best URL shortener you can always go with the options I’ve discussed above.

Key Benefits Of Using Branded Links For Your Business

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