The 7 Best Link Shorteners to Try Instead of Google URL Shortener

Convincing the people to click on the URL is like begging them, it’s just like a salesman who used to convince people door to door. Genuinely speaking if you try out these types of agenda you might be lacking a few things which need to get sorted.

Long URL looks spammy which can decrease your growth rate in the digital medium. To make them short there’s a lot of options available out there that can shorten your URL (i.e. URL Shortener). And that’s what we’re going to see here in this post. Undoubtedly the internet consists of tons of URL Shorteners but to find the best ones is the big deal.

Already we’ve written a blog post on URL Shorteners which you can refer to know more about its basics and use of it. Here, in this article, we’re going to give you the best Google URL Shortener alternatives which you can use.

But before that let me quickly convey you few things which you need to know.

What Are URL Shortener? 

Recently we’ve written a complete detailed article on URL Shortener which you can see in our suggested list. Anyway, let me quickly give you a short intro about it.

URL Shortener is the service or application which shortens down your URL to make it shareable with others. Also, some of the URL Shorteners also provides you the feature of tracking It is essential to know how many people click on the link you’ve shared with them. Once you get that you can multiply your business by 2×.

Although there are various URL Shorteners are available which you can use to shorten down the URL of a specific website but here we’re going to talk about some of the best in class Shorteners which you must use instead of Google URL Shortener.

Benefits Of URL Shorteners

Despite just shortening the URL there are various benefits of URL Shorteners which you need to know. Following are some of the benefits:-

  • Short URLs are easy to read, share, and memorize. 
  • One can create custom-branded URLs just with the help of URL Shorteners.
  • URL Shorteners helps you to make the long tail and confusing URL into a short one that looks pretty good and minimal. 
  • Most of the audience trusts on the branded and legal URL rather than long & spammy URLs. 
  • According to research, it’s been noticed that the shorter URL engages more than 40% of traffic than long URLs.
  • One can track the URLs to know how many people have clicked on it which is essential to know.
  • One can double their business growth by analyzing the shortened URLs which you can track through the dashboard of tools.
  • While sharing on social media platforms one gets an advantage, as platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn don’t allow you to write a detailed long lasting text. In such a case while sharing a link you can minimize the elements in the URL.

Now let’s begin with the top 7 best link shorteners which you can use instead of Google URL shortener.

Top 7 Google URL Shorteners Alternatives

There might be various shorteners available ok the internet but we’ll be having a look upon the best in class shorteners.



If you’re a small business owner or an influencer Cliqqo I kind of all new and best in class platform out there which you can use to shorten the URL. Cliqqo’s tracking feature is seamless which helps you in every different way to enhance the quality of the shortened URL. If you’re just the beginner in the URL shortening process you must look upon Cliqqo.

Cliqqo is not just a URL shortening tool but also helps you to gather the information about the customers so that you’ll be able to track their details. It’s a great tool to understand your customers and their interests.

You can create your own custom links consisting of elements as per the choice. You can select the elements as your own. Though it’s a new setup tool the featured are up to the mark so you won’t miss anything here.

Key Features

  • You can track the details of the customers. 
  • A custom URL can be created.
  • It’s free to get started. 
  • Premium plans are also that that costly.

Price:- Though it’s a free platform if you want to get some more Features you can always begin with their premium services which start from just $7.99/ month which is pocket friendly.

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One of my top choice to select URL shortener is its flexibility which is damn good. It’s kind of all-rounder platforms that gets your job done without investing a single buck. is an all-rounder platform that allows you to track the performance rate which includes clicking through rate, channel statistics, and geographic info about the people clicking on the link shared by you. also helps you to generate branded links that can help you to integrate with social platforms along with its management Services. Sprout Social, Buffer, Sprinklr, Hubspot & Hootsuite which are linked with the management services of all these platforms help you to share a link on the Social mediums which you use to enhance the user ability. is a free platform that allows you to create branded links up to 500 & you can create unbranded (normal shorten links) up to 10000 which is more than sufficient for the small businesses. If you want to create more branded links you’ll need to get it’s a premium subscription where you’ll also get some of the additional features too.

Key Features

  • Free service of provides you up to 500 branded links and 10000 non branded links (normal links).
  • Highly trusted and genuine platform which shortens your link quickly.
  • For small businesses the service is free.
  • Every link can be tracked to know about its performance.

Price:- Although the services are free in certain instances if you want to get it’s a premium subscription you can get it for just $29/ month.

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If you’re quite familiar with URL shorteners then probably you’ve heard about Rebrandly which is one of the most trusted tools of all time which you can use to minimize the elements in the URL. The features of Rebrandly is insanely managed in such a way that user can take its an advantage for shortening the URL. It has more than 2,50,000 trusted active users on Rebrandly.

It’s not just a URL shortener, it also helps you, to track the details about shortened links so that you can examine the clicks on it. Also, it’s integrated to more than 50 other platforms that work seamlessly for the distribution of your link.

Although, Rebrandly is a premium paid platform where you can choose the plan accordingly. The starter plan provides you up to 5000 normal links and 5000 branded links which is enough for the small businesses later on you can upgrade your plan accordingly.

Key Features

  • Trusted by more than 2,50,000 users which states it’s user base.
  • Tracking of links is provided. 
  • Linked with more than 59 platforms. 

Price:- Rebrandly is a paid platform, you can get started with it just at $29/ month. Once your business begins to grow you can upgrade your plan.

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blink is a kind of modern link shortener out there which you can use instead of a Google URL shortener. allows you to create branded links that work finely while sharing on social media platforms out there, once you begin with it you’ll get to know that services offered by are insane which you should use. 

Also, you get a tracking feature which is essential to know how your kink is performing in terms of referrals, location, etc. Also, you can examine the no. Of clicks on the shared link. Once you get that you’ll glad to know about its use. is integrated with other platforms likes Google Analytics, Adobe, etc.

But let me tell you that is not a free platform, you’ll need to subscribe to its premium plans available on the official website to use their services.

Key Features

  • Best in class and more Features are included compared to other Shorteners. 
  • Paid platform but plans are acceptable. 
  • Integrated with various other platforms out there. 

Price:- You can begin with the services at just $12/ month which is acceptable. Once your business start growing you can upgrade it later. 

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Tiny URL


As the name suggests, the Tiny URL is not a complicated tool, as you can begin with it just by visiting it’s the official website. Follow the instructions mentions on the website so as to make your longer link shorter as possible. Also, you get an option of customization of the link so as to select the elements as per choice.

The simple and minimal service makes Tiny URL more unique and great. It’s kind of best in class and easy to access URL shortener which you can use to shorten the URL. To begin with, it’s you need to fill the instructions of the link to make it shorter as possible.

Tiny URL does not include the tracking feature which might affect your growth level but if you’re looking to get your work done without investing much effort just begin with a Tiny URL it won’t co fuse you due to its minimalistic Features.

Key Features

  • Minimal Features are available which makes it easy to access. 
  • Free tool out there.

Price:- You don’t have to pay a single penny to get started with it.

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Shorby is especially known for the Instagram bio link builder which makes it kind of best in class URL Shortener all over the market. Just within a few clicks, you can change the long URL into a shorter one. Also, you can create the custom links as well where you can select the elements as per the choice which makes it a legit platform.

Along with social media bio, you can also create the Messenger short link which is a good thing to maintain the brand value. Short links always look better in some instances. Also, it impacts positively which is a great thing. The messenger includes various platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Text messenger, etc.

Also, you can create the mobile-friendly landing pages which make your profile look good. Shorby is a kind of famous and legit platform out there that works smoothly and genuinely their Features makes you fulfilled. 

Key Features:-

  • You can shorten the link for your Instagram bio. 
  • It’s mobile-friendly landing pages are seamless. 
  • You can track the details about the shortened URL.

Price:- Although you can begin with Shorby for free if you want more Features you can always get it’s a premium subscription available at just $9/ month.

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tinycc is one of the best and minimal URL shortener out there which helps you to create the custom URL which helps you in branding. For the basic need, you don’t have to create an account, as you can begin just casually. Apart from this, you can also track the URL to know about its status. 

Managing the link and making it shorten is a kind of useful task which does insanely.

Key Features

  • Minimal platform along with non-confusing Features. 
  • Bookmark the took for easier access. 
  • Free to get started.

Price:– Although you can get started with just for free if you’re looking for the additional features you need to get its premium subscription starts at just $5/ month which is pocket friendly.

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Final Verdict

So here in this article, we’ve discussed a lot more things about URL shorteners which you can use instead of Google URL shortener which might leave limited features. If you want to get some more additional features you can always look for the premium plans which are available for approximately all the tool out there. Apart from this, you can begin with the free ones too.


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