3 Clever Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales Using Social Media

Nowadays social media has become a powerful tool for eCommerce business. Although there is now a number of channels with hundreds of millions of users that can build a direct effect on bottom-line sales. As social media is all about strengthening your relationship with your customer initially and then selling them your products. However, for doing this you need to be more precise and focus as you need to share your helpful information and institute faith before you even attempt to make a single sale.

 Social media techniques may help you to motivate your marketing sales and help you acquire more and more audience. Though it all depends on your following strategies, retch the odd Post with the latest discounts or modern products may benefit a few additional sales. Through this platform, you can always make and handsome amount, although you just require to be consistent on your intentions and procedures that surely going to assist eCommerce retailer leverage.

The challenging thing is to come up with creative ideas and strategies that garner attention and make your stand out from the crowd. For such attraction, you need to define your path that shows how you will going to track your progress,  bring changing behaviors, also communicating updates to team members every month. If you are attached to social media then you might be very well aware of the current trends, although you know that trends change frequently and your social media strategy has to be able to adopt it.

More eCommerce Businesses Are Embracing Social Media

There is one saying that “The well does not go to the thirsty, The thirsty come to the well”. Exact thing applies to eCommerce, to encourage your audience a seller needs to go to its customer, though the social media is now filled with several audiences. For a Web business effective social media marketing presentation possess much more value. It’s all because the way of your presentation to our customers, will surely make them feel about that product and they will be convinced to buy it.

Some of the strategies best work on First-time customers, by offering them a new offer which attracts in the eyes of new customers. For making them a permanent user you just need to bring some offering of your existing customers and for the loyal ones. However, it can offer them rewards likewise engage and reward existing customers and showcase the decent your brand has to offer. Your social media profile and your network profile is much important as it Bing trust in the eyes of your customers. The content of your business which you share with your customer is very much essential, as it should be accurate.

How Social Media Can Increase eCommerce Sales

As you know that social media sites deliver a remarkable chance to sell eCommerce products because of some reason, let see it one by one.

  • As various of your forthcoming consumers are already on these sites;
  • The preponderance of them is there gazing for assistance, for buying the best products and services.
  • Nowadays most of the Social media sites contribute valuable tools and attainment of data to assist you to lead people to your eCommerce site.

In this post, we’ll be seeing three of these strategies and their working procedure also we will discuss how they can be used to engage with your market and, ultimately, drive more eCommerce sales.

1) Social Media Competitions

Initiating competitions on social media is a tremendous way to encourage the sharing of your eCommerce products across numerous platforms. Although this usually helps to promise in the intersection with recent sales, deals, or fascinating statements like a new product blast-off. Let see an example, social media competitions are always a great way to build massive buzz as part of your Black Friday marketing. By providing people with an incentive to share, you might, be going to accumulate additional awareness and see increased sales.

Most of the people attached to an offer and the various beams which come under their budget. So the key is to often know to assure any grants or giveaways are relevant to your prey market. However, just Giving away an iPad may bring plenty of shares. As we well know about a bunch of several giveaways and competition ideas you can try. The reasonable ones tend to involve asking users to share images, so let’s take a look at three great paths to doing this.

a) Pinterest Pin to Win


If you count the monthly user of interest so it’s going around 367 million active users. If you want to target such huge market then you should start pin to win competition could be exploited for you. Though if you work by hardly encouraging the customer to pin pictures for your various products, however, if each person who does this will be arriving into an attraction to win some type of price or special discount. This will encourage your customer and increase the crowd for your site.  For this kind of thing, Search tools like Woobox can enable us to organize this game for you and make your work easier.

b) Instant Win

An instant win social media publicity sounds like the name of a scratch card, and some sort of tasks in a similar manner. Since, if you fix the chance of players gaining a victory immediately via your chosen application and that’s it. Instant win competitions are helpful because enthusiasts know forthwith if they have won, motivating them to interact.

However, there was a competition occurs I.e. Carmen UK competition. Although the players were inquired for their email address and to like their Facebook Page for an opportunity to knock the goblet and win a free pot of lip balm. Certain apps allow buffs to tag-in colleagues or evacuate a remark before joining. Perhaps, the Fans are normally anticipated to do something before they can take the role in instant wins. This is best suited for collecting several email lists and approaching new prospects.

c) Hashtag Giveaways


If you know about Hashtag giveaways than I am sure this can be very powerful also easy to keep track of. Just have to create a hashtag of your own and encourage people to utilize it on Twitter or Instagram for winning an exciting prize. However, the best impressions usually include requiring stoners to post a special photo affecting your products or label. This can generate a buzz and showcases your items to tons of potential for the new customers.

As we know there is no scarcity of social media competitions to operate, though you just wish to achieve creatively. Such App competition tools allow critical customization of conflicts enabling you to develop almost any type of SM contest.

An incredible social media infographic by HubSpot stated over 72% of huge firms used gamification in their online eCommerce technique in 2014, as the third of all opt-ins ratified to receiving more data from brands via SM contests, and on a regular basis, 34% of fresh fans will like your profile after hosting a contest. For growing the site You have the purposes, You have the contest opinions, and the app that’s left is to leave out and do it.

2) Facebook Retargeting


Well, it’s too frustrating for every eCommerce company, as because of the various Shopping cart. In reality, this recent research puts digital shopping cart defection at almost 71%. Sometimes it goes beyond the frustrating statistic in eCommerce marketing when you assume the time and money brands capitalize on getting tribe to this sense. Although then there are three-quarters of them don’t obey through and give rise to a purchase. However, Facebook’s ad forum and retargeting characteristic is the main help in resisting this.

Here, Most people aren’t leaving to buy from your site on the first visit. They definitely may browse around and again not know prepared to buy or get diverted by something else. Though,  It doesn’t infer they don’t need it at all, just that they’re not inclined to buy right now.

a) Does Retargeting Actually Work?

You might be doubting, the weather this is only another marketing move that guarantees the world, just for you to inert struggle to verify ROI once the issue appears to an ending. However, The truth is that Facebook retargeting does work, and statics proves it, let me show you some highlighted points which might clear your confusion.

  • The Website visitors who are retargeted with sight ads are additionally inclined to c71%
  • This click-through rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is been given as 10x higher than the CTR of a normal sight ad.
  • 45% of customers say that they would verge come to be repeat consumers after a personalized shopping affair with a special company.

Furthermore, consumers are humans being and they possess a problematic shaky creature, it is particularly in the age of the Internet. So our brains are always plunging from one stuff to another. Although its brief vigilance range always results in people exploring your website, then just clicking off within a matter of minutes. A consumer might be not finished off their checkout for all kinds of motives, such as:

  • They might get a critical email from their boss.
  • Their 7-year-old daughter jogged into the started crying.
  • They stood just shopping around on their phone and expected to redeem products for delayed.
  • They only wished to test how much shipping would cost.
  • They’re quite a little unsure if the expense you offer is worth the price.

However, this list goes on and on. But the good thing is that various of those problems can be endured with a slight nudge or by requesting an extra bit of value, in the form of a Facebook retargeting ad.

b) Don’t People Find Retargeting Invasive?

That’s a brilliant question to ask. You necessarily don’t wish to run Facebook retargeting ads that bring your user to bother about their intimacy or think like you’re observing them around across the web. However, but most of the customers hope to be traced online and realize that knowledge is being used to market to them.

As some facts say that 32% of customers say that they want their shopping experience was far better personalized than it nowadays is and 26% of online watchers enjoy watching retargeted ads.

Most of the time you going to see that Facebook retargeting is not only an invasive manner to improve your products, but it’s a big way to recall people who’ve attended your website that you still exist. Although, whether they alter from that Facebook ad is entirely their opinion.

c) How to use retargeting

While with the help of Facebook’s retargeting feature, you can ‘remind’ someone that the cart they vacated on your site is quiet there. Perhaps, it’s greater, with one click they can take off through and complete their possession. Though here’s a retargeted ad from The Economist that seemed on my Facebook feed after I attended their site but didn’t subscribe:

As it can be confused but awarding the strategy. Eventually, It involves building custom audiences off the back of search pixels you stabilize on your website. Moreover, You’ll also create specific adverts that show to anyone who tours specific pages on your site and hasn’t gone through to make an asset.

Therefore, this implies putting on the person looking at it a reason to click through again. Use reviews and public proof to advance the like of the user clicking through and obtaining their purchase.

3) Encourage Social Media Reviews

We heard so much about it, but in the end, we know that Social media isn’t just about fun. It’s shortly pivoting into a slot, where people go to in search of opinions and reviews before making buying opinions. Thus the recent research shows that 91% of respondents who recollected looking over online reviews alleged that positive online reviews impacted buying decisions.

This means encouraging happy customers to share their opinions on social media can be tremendous for increasing future sales. However, you can begin by actively encouraging customers to go onto social media and share their experiences after obtaining from you. This could be a bit button on the investment on thank you page, or even a remark in the delivery box inquiring consumers to Tweet about their familiarity.

a) Encourage Sharing  

Sharing is looking after and so long as you don’t cross over into solicitation, you should be able to ask for your peaceful following to share their feelings and bits of knowledge with you through consumer reviews. It is must share encourage their reviews with some beneficial offer for them, however, it will make them a loyal customer for a long time of period

b) Respond Back replying 

It’s a good sign of improvement, Back replying to existing reviews and comments lets your followers know that there’s a temperament behind the machine and that their voices are actually being needed. Most of then also motivate new reviewers by posting their opinions. If Positive reviews can be dealt through your social media markets as they will give fastens to the reporters and recollect people to come and voice their statements. Though it’s not even essential to share adverse reviews it’s particularly important to react well to them and not edit them all out. This provides your website credibility and lets others notice that you will admit to negative experiences rather than striving to protect them under the covering.

As this might be, harder to get people to do than it sounds. Well, it’s therefore valuable to assess offering some means of incentive for people to entirely go along and post a social media review. Hence the Entry into a prize draw could be an expectation or just a discount on their next order with you.

Final Verdict

Although we have seen these 3 clever ways to increase eCommerce sales using social media learning its various features and the key points to be kept in mind which helps you to grow your site and increase your audience. However, it’s not just sufficient to share the exact content across all your public channels. So try to make each social channel work for you. Perhaps generating visionary campaigns like these that influence the powers of each network can thrive in your sales.

Meanwhile, just before you can build a high-performing social channels movement, though you first have to know what your ideal customers respond to. Or what he Like any other commerce strategy, understanding your target consumer is key to success on social media, too.

3 Clever Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales Using Social Media

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