5 Link Shortening Best Practices Everyone Should Follow

Well, If you know that back in 2002 when the first link shortener was started. Although it’s one of the basic goals was to assist you to shorten links in social platforms, which have the limit posts up to certain characters limit.

But now their days every type of business starting from brands like Bose to B2B companies like JotForm utilizes the short links in several forms across their marketing media and campaigns.

Apparently, at the end of the day, for any content you share, maximum of the time it begins with a URL and optimizing your URLs for more clicks, I.e. traffic which is directly equal to more potential buyers and sales.

Link marketing and is one of our core granting at Cliqqo; however, we get one most frequent questions from every new customer, I.e. Wherein can linking be done adequately? 

It’s not a question people frequently ask, because as high as a link obtains you to a goal effectively, it functions fine, right? But the truth is, links propose so much more utility when they’re optimized to be incredibly productive.

So to help you supercharge every link you share and thrive your business, below are “5 Link Shortening Best Practices Everyone Should Follow”. But before getting into this let’s find out what is Link Shortener.

What Is Link Shortener?

A link shortener is a website that decreases the size of your URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The intention is to minimize the web page address into something more straightforward to memorize and track. 

However, it makes it simpler to share your content that facilitates and branded URLs to inform buyers of everything they want to know about your site. There’s no necessity to use diminished URLs with random varieties of information and numbers anymore.

Also, make your URLs more appealing as the smaller URLs have extra aesthetic interest. Although this might not look important, a shorter URL could give rise to all the difference in encouraging somebody to click on your links.

Authorizes for traffic monitoring Cliqqo appears with tracing monitors that assess the sharing activities of your tweet or post over a specific period. However, it’s fundamental to assure your short links don’t damage your status. 

Though URL shortener tools are beneficial, they also keep the actual content of your link, creating buyers more pessimistic. Brands will require to make sure that their links continuously lead to the content guaranteed to maintain their clients happy.

Why Do We Need It?

There are various justifications to utilize URL shortening. Frequently standard unshortened links may be aesthetically unpleasant. Several web developers pass defining characteristics in the URL to characterize data structures, command structures, marketing paths, or session knowledge. 

This can occur in URLs that are hundreds of characters long and that include intricate character patterns. Such URLs are hard to remember, type out, or allocate. As a result, long URLs must be duplicated and pasted for dependability. 

Therefore, short links may be moreover convenient for your websites or heavy copy publications for example like a printed journal or a book, the latter repeatedly needing that too lengthy lines to be shattered into several lines or shortened.

“Now let’s see the best 5 Link Shortening Best Practices Everyone Should Follow to increase the click on their links.”

Link Shortening Best Practices

1 – Shorten Your Links


It looks kind of silly to confess, considering this is a post on link shortening best practices. Is it slightly redundant? But before we can wrap up all of the ways you can enhance your links you do possess to shorten them.

It’s is essential to make links easier relatively than possessing a long and confusing link; you can make it short and straightforward to promote across any of your marketing platforms.

Shortening your links makes them additional

  • Versatile:- since you can use them online and offline
  • Memorable:- they’ll possess limited characters
  • Forgiving:- you can change the direction of their destinations  

2 – Utilize A Custom Domain For Branding & Consistency


If you are new to the community, here’s something worth pointing out branded links entice 34% more clicks than generic links. People are further inclined to believe your branded links because they understand them as yours. As a result, utilizing branded links can improve your click-through.

Utilizing a branded URL wrote of important words somewhat of random character strings develop the chance to let out something about your brand and your content, right in the URL itself.

 That signifies your audience knows who acquires the content and what they will obtain when they click. The boost in belief has been verified to provide a more excellent click-through rate.

3 – Customize The Back-half Of Your Links

Renew the randomly developed letters and numbers with a custom sign to activity. Showing your audience where you are delivering them provides them additional confidence that they are clicking through to the right area. Some tips:

  • Maintain it short and concise 
  • Be familiar with case sensitivity
  • Boost CTR and build trust: People will have an unmistakable idea of what they’re clicking on and can share with others in their system and social media.
  • Stay top of mind: Prepare it easy for people to memorize your links. Particularly for your primary social forms where you have one connection to pick their vigilance, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Optimize for mobile: From mobile, it’s effortlessly for people to copy or paste your links into their browser if they like to get back and come over your links again later on.

For example, you may be possessing a link directing to your website’s pricing page.  In this instance, the back-half of the links is “pricing.” It indicates you actually where we’re delivering you before you click.

4 – Generate A Corresponding QR Code For Offline Use


QR Codes allow smartphone audiences to handily scan a code rather than possessing to type a link into their browser. You can effortlessly produce code on any link in Cliqqo and capture attention with it as you would any different link.

Creating QR codes is another aspect you can utilize in your offline or online marketing, while yet being apt to trace their performance online.

Once set up, you can revise the following parameters without altering the QR code: Destination URL, title, UTMs, or tags. For ensuing links already attached to a QR code, if you shift the shortened URL or shot, the code will reset.

However to get started with to share a link as a QR code, just hover over a containing link, and click on the QR icon. You will therefore receive a downloadable file with the QR code picture and can utilize it across any offline substances.

5 – Track & Compare Cross-channel Link Performance

Utilizing the campaign feature in Cliqqo, you can supervise and assess link action across campaigns, influencers, interior information, and many more.

You can even track conclusions from your campaign dashboard, which enables you to recognize how each channel in your campaign is executing at a high level as well as extra granularly. 

Final Verdict 

There might be tons of various tools obtainable in the marketplace amongst all which you can obtain. Perhaps We have Cliqqo, which is the one that truly serves you an incredible significance for your website to shorten your link.

Although, above we have seen the most essential best 5 Link Shortening Best Practices Everyone Should Follow to increase the click on their links. So I hope you have got every tiny detail in this post which you were looking for.

Still, if you have any query or any doubt about this posting, though you can ask us in the comment section below, we will be happy to help you out with the convenient solution. 

5 Link Shortening Best Practices Everyone Should Follow

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