5 best alternative of Rebrandly in 2020

Is the Google URL shortener has shut down in 2019, most of the business owners and social media marketers are in search of other URL shorteners which will get their job done instantly? In 2019 there were not enough options available but it’s been a while that most of the URL shorteners have been invented by various creators.

Most of the URL shorteners provide you the free service which might Blow Your mind. Also, a lot of URL shorteners out there used to provide the tracking feature which is essential for tracking the number of clicks on the link you are shared on social media.

Also few of the URL shorteners also allow you to host your website with their services. Despite all Rebrandly is one of the leading and all-time trending URL shortener and service provider who has owned the market place. But due to its expensiveness, most of the digital marketers and social media influencers use alternative options available out there.

If you are the one who is looking for the best alternative options of Rebrandly in 2020 in this post might help you a lot. Here we will be talking about the top 5 best alternatives of Rebrandly in 2020 which you can use too short and your URL which you can share on social media platforms.

But before that let me convey you few things which are essential for you to know.

All You Need To Know About Rebrandly

Rebrandly is the well-known branded link creator that can be used to shorten down the link which you want. As Rebrandly is the leading platform out there are various features that make it a leading platform of all.

Rebrandly believes in branded links so it allows you to choose the customized domain name as per the choice which is a good thing another great thing about it is that you can also choose the specific elements that make it a legit platform.

Rebrandly allows you to get its free plan where you will allow to use 5 customized subdomains which makes your website branded. Despite this, there are various plans available from which you can choose that suits your business.

Let me tell you if you are just beginner in digital marketing then you can get started with a startup plan which is available at just 29/ month. Letter on once your business starts booting up you can upgrade to the premium subscription plan.

The only thing which pushes most of the people down is that the Rebrandly is much expensive than other URL shorteners are available out there providing similar services.

And that’s why here we came across the best five alternative sources which you can use to shorten down the URL link.

Why You Need Rebrandly Alternatives? 

There are various reasons which make you look for the Rebrandly alternative source, one of the big reason is that Rebrandly is much expensive compared to the other URL shorteners. Undoubtedly the service damn good but due to its expensiveness most of the creators of their usually look for alternative options.

It’s 2020 and most of the digital marketers and online business owners wanted to get their work started just within a click full stop Rebrandly is all in one platform where you can do various tasks and that’s why an interface is quite confusing. Any of the beginners cannot get an aesthetic and minimal look when they visit Rebrandly.

There are various other options available which you can use various other URL shorteners in 2020 and that’s what we came with. Just grab a cup of coffee and sit down on a couch.

With that being said let’s get straight to the Rebrandly alternative.

Rebrandly Alternatives In 2020

Although there are various options available there in the Marketplace here we are going to talk about the Legit ones. You can check the below alternative by visiting their official websites.



Cliqqo is a new player in the market but it is a great alternative to Rebrandly. Most of the time you need some advanced features in the URL shortener. We have a good day for all those features which are essential for any of the businesses, marketers, digital marketers, etc.

If you have just begun your journey and wanted to get started with the URL shortener then Cliqqo could be the best option for you to shorten the URLs.

Here we have taken out some of the key features which you need to know if you are planning to get started with Cliqqo.io, it creates the short and easy to remember link which will be helpful for your audience to remember it. It provides your customer with a great experience while tapping on the link

Shorten link is very useful to increase the brand value. If you use it more frequently it’ll help to enhance your business growth, and you get complete control over the link which you can also customize as per the elements required to make it branded.

Price:- although its free platform where you can shorten the link you want. But the features unlimited in the free one, if you are looking for both features and more branded links to be created then you need to subscribe to its premium version following are the options available in premium subscription, the basic plan is available at just $7.99/ month where you get all the features except for the custom domain name, and the pro plan is available at just $14.99/ month which is specially designed for the big business owners. Here you get complete control over the link which you’ve shortened.

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Good things first bitly is one of the genuine and all-time favorite platforms of mine. It provides you full service from the business perspective, not only it shortage down the URL link but also meditate for a longer time as well. So if you are a business owner or digital marketer who wants to share certain links for shortening down one must use bitly.

If your need is anonymous then you should look up to bitly it’s a great platform, it’s a clean interface that allows you to manage the task you want. It’s pretty simple to use, the dashboard of bitly consists of various required options.

Apart from this one can track the link which is shortened down. You will be able to see the number of clicks on the specific link, it helps you to examine whether your business is growing or not. But let me tell you bitly’s free service has Limited features that might not be useful for big business owners. Should get the advantage anonymously you should subscribe to its premium version.

This Tata plan provides you to create the custom domain name for the link, where are you can create up to 1500 links per month. If you want more there are various other plans for an enterprise that you can subscribe to.

Price:-  Although bitly is a free platform due to its Limited features you need to get its premium subscription which begins from just $35/ month and so on.

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Tiny URL


As the name suggests tiny URL is a great platform for the business owners and digital marketers out there. A kind of similar to the bitly which is programmed to give an aesthetic and minimal overview to the customers. The good thing is that you can manage a tiny URL just with your phone itself.

Since 2002 tiny URL is providing its free services which makes it different from others. It’s one of the highly trusted URL shorteners available on the internet. If you are in search of an aesthetic platform that will save your time and gets your job done then time URL is just perfect for you. Its minimalistic interface won’t confuse you.

Tiny URL not only shortens down the URL also helps you to and the custom elements in the domain section. Do tiny URL is a free platform it provides you full control over your link which is a good thing. It doesn’t matter whether you want to shorten down the link or wanted to track that link as a tiny URL helps you in both the process.

Price:- Tiny URL is a free platform so you don’t have to worry about its payment.

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BL.INK is an all-rounder URL shortener platform out there which you can use not only to shortening down the URL but also track the traffic coming towards your link. Its dashboard is pretty aesthetic which shows you the number of clicks on the link you have shortened. Also, you can track the details about location, clicks, and referrals which you need to know to grow your business.

BL.INK helps you to create a custom domain name for your link which is a good thing also you can choose the elements as per the choice which makes the URL more impressive. Branded URLs helps you to make your link look good.

BL.INK provides a free service where you get limited features, but if you are a big business owner then you need to get its paid subscription. The plan is pretty impressive and not that expensive as well.

Price:- BL.INK allows you to use its free services but if you want more pictures then you need to subscribe to the plan mentioned below:

  • The expert plan is available at just $12/ month. 
  • A small business plan is available at just $99/ month.
  • Team plans are available at just $299/ month. 

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If you usually use social media to promote your brand then Shorby could be a great option for you as it’s kind of social media families that work aesthetically well. It’s a minimalistic and user-friendly platform that allows you a single click URL shortening future which works pretty well if you are a social media marketer.

Most of the Instagrammers and other social media marketers use to update their Bio on a regular basis in such case shorby is a great option available out there for the creators. Also, it allows you to customize the link you have shortened. Once you figure out the elements you want then you can examine its other entities.

The good thing is that you complete on the URL, so you don’t have to worry about its expiration. Most of the Instagram users want a short link which they could copy in the browser in such case Shorby is a great option available that can be used for tracking the number of clicks on the link.

Price:- here comes the twist that there is no free option available so you need to get it’s paid subscription which is not that expensive. Its basic plan starts from just $9/ month.

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Final Verdict

So here we came across various URL shorteners which you can use instead of Rebrandly. Rebrandly is a great platform undoubtedly but there are few features that Rebrandly miss and for so you need to check the other related platforms available out there.

In 2019 Google URL shortener has shut down which was a good platform and a free one. But later onwards there comes various other best in class you are shorteners with some of the advanced features. The above ones are the best and most reliable URL shorteners which you can use to make your long link shorter as possible.


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