The Ultimate Guide to URL Shorteners and Branded Links

Using a short and easy URL is one of the most vital tasks needed to make your blog more professional. To build the best URL shortener and branded links is the next thing which you should look upon. Although there are a few more things which you can do, managing things is important.

This complete guide is all about URL shortener which is necessary to make your website professional in each perspective. You need to know the skills that are used to make URL shorten and that’s what this post is all about. Make sure to stick with the post to get detailed info regarding the URL shorteners and branded links.

All You Need To Know About URL Shortener?

The URL you see in the browser is fine if you’re just browsing on the webpage but when it comes to sharing it looks awkward and improper. Especially if you want to share any link of the website on social media platforms it’s not reliable to share the long link.

And that’s where the short URL needs to create the id you want more visitors on your website. Although a long URL looks ugly and improper, I would recommend you to Build the short URL so that it would become easy while sharing the website. The chances get increased that the user will visit the website and stays for a longer time. It blinks the eye and makes it look good and easy. The whole process is to be done just by using the URL shortener.

Why Should You Use Branded URLs?


Branded URLs need to be created so as to give a better look at the link, though the working of the branded URL and URL shortener is pretty different. As both of them have different perspectives which you need to know. Although branded URLs are used by certain brands or companies to add their name in the link so that to look it better. It looks more professional and attractive when you share it.

If you’re a business owner or online marketer and wanted to enhance the business empowerment I suggest you make your URLs branded by shortening it and making it look better and minimal. It’s been noticed that short URLs have some sort of benefit the users get attracted to it more quickly.

You Need To Be Specific About The Type Of Content

Most of the URLs accommodate multiple domains and subdomains which can then be built. You can build multiple URLs for different content but it takes a lot of time because it’s not an easy process. Let me give you a simple example so that brands build their own shortened links. ‘’ is something which most of the people uses but as mentioned that ‘social’ in the context only which does d=not define your domain or subdomain so I would suggest you to use the URLs links below:-


Like the above-mentioned URLs, you can build your own which specifies the subheadings.

How To Take Advantage Of Specificity With Matrices

URL shortener provides you the kind of metrics which you can use to make the URL more shortened in terms of every aspect. They provide you in-depth details regarding how much engagement your websites have achieved through the URLs you’ve shared. It directly detects it and shoes you. Also, it detects which people are valuing your content and which are ignoring.

Let me tell you that whenever you share the shortened link, everyone opens it with different perspective also you should also have goals like mentioned below:-

  • To grow the audience
  • Make sure to expertise your business in the marketplace
  • To value your customers and also branding.

It’s always better to go with different links while sharing in order to gain more user attention. Let me clarify for you by providing certain examples through which you’ll get to know more about it.

For News

If you want to share information about use then is the best source out there which you can use. Attention is required so that the customer gets to know that the changes have been made in the products or the service which has been offered. Also, think of the publication where one is quoted.

News helps to provide credibility and expertise to the users as it’s one of the best in class medium available out there that provides evidence to the customers or competent which is genuine.


Usually, we don’t use Baston as there’s no office located there, so no chance of using it. Let me tell you that Baston is an example of sharing what’s happening in the city or town. It helps in various ways to accommodate and to determine each and every moment of your locations. With the use of leapworks.baston you can actually collect the info related affairs.

It did not directly increase your growth rate but eventually, it helps in the credibility of the geographic area.


You might be well familiar with the where you can actually share the content written by yourself for the audiences out there. All the content is been written by one prospective i.e. providing value to the consumers or visitors. The engagement of the audience depends upon the types of content we’re sharing with them to get the subsequent amount of output.

If the content is not providing enough views then there’s a need for a small upgrade which will help to improve the engagements.


Although funny and humor content is very useful to get the futuristic engagement of the traffic. I can say that it’s the key to get success. We usually use to make the funniest content over there. Though funny thoughts don’t even solve the problems of the customers it helps to get in touch with them through the humorous talk.

It’s necessary to get the engagement of the audience, make sure to use it in your next post.

Why You Should Use Top Level Domains Instead Of Subdomain

You might be very familiar with  .com & .net domains there which are the popular ones but there are few more aspects on which the URL is depended upon. There are hundreds of domains available which are the top-level domains (TLDs). But making your URL look more impressive is very important.

Using top-level domains with the URL shorteners is important and then link it with the subdomains to make it look more impressive in every aspect. The subdomains have huge benefits as it can be shared with your loved ones. It’s to get shortened and looks pretty minimal.

I do include the subdomains in the URL. It will seem like you are sharing the type of content, the piece of content, and a lot more things due to which it looks good while sharing on social mediums. Also, it looks brandish when it comes to sharing the content with the other out there.

How To Make Top Level Domains Work With The URL Shorteners? 

Making top-level domains (TLDs) with the URL Shorteners takes pretty much efforts compared to just with the domains, it might be awful for some but once you get used to it, it’ll be easier for you so make sure to use it if you want to make your website’s URL to look more branded and professional.

Follow the tips mentioned below to get used to this process of expertise. 

All You Need To Know About CNAMEs


CNAMEs are the type of DNS record where you can actually connect your domain along with the URLs. You’re allowed to locate any subdomains along with the URLs to make it look more professional. Let’s consider a user who visits your website through a certain browser is not the URL you own, it’s a temporary one that gives a pretty good look to the URL.

This is one of the best ways to enhance the way of sharing the subdomains along with the Shortened URL. 

Add The Top Level Domain You Own To The Cloudflare

The AAAA & ALIAS are similar to the CNAMEs which are especially known for the difference which is created. The URLs are extended to the top-level domains. I recommend you use Switchy which I used to shorten the link which makes it look cool. Although shared links are the shorten which are then shared via which is a great form of link shortening. 

But there are few problems related to domain registration when it’s linked to AAAA Or ALIAS. It’s been seen that the top-level domains enter the solution. 

This whole process can be done just with the one tool i.e. Cloudflare allows you to create the best-shortened links. If you’re not having an account on it make sure to get that one, it’s all in one tool out there to stabilize your links. Just need to select the option of add another and it’s done. 

Make Sure To Point The Server Names To Cloudflare

At the initial stage when you try to add your domain name to the Cloudflare, it detects it and provides you the two options of server names. Just go to the domain server and register then you’ll get instructions related to the stuff. Once you are done with the registration process, no need to worry much about, as you’ll be able to create your own URLs as per the choice.

Make Sure To Add Short URLs Domain To Your URL Shorteners

You’ll get to know that all the paid Shorteners provides allows you to create the custom domains as per choice, also some of the free ones also allow you.

In order to add custom one just head off to the URL Shorteners settings, it doesn’t matter which provider’s service you’re using but make sure to copy the CNAME, AAAA, ALIAS and just copy it to avoid the future types, it’s one of the best ways of using the Shorteners. I usually came across these types of objections to maximize the sharing.

Make Sure To Create AAAA & ALIAS In The Cloudflare

Most of the other web host providers, Cloudflare is somehow working differently as it does not provide your features of AAAA & ALIAS records. Instead of that the other feature i.e. CNAME flattering is the known feature which you’ll need, it deeply covers all those features which are available in the recent ones.

After that just navigate your website’s URL DNS setting which is an important aspect. Then just make sure to wait until the orange cloud turns to the gray.

Once you are done with all the above processes just wait until the DNS gets changed. It’s one of the effective ways to enhance productivity in link shortens. After that just begin using the branded links along with the shorter ones to enhance the quality in terms of impression.

Begin With Shortening Links

Begun with sharing your content using the shortened URLs which enhances the impression of the links and makes it look more professional in every aspect. Although it might take a lot of time and effort to get done with the process once you get used to it you’ll find it more easily and relevant way to shorten the URL and to make it look branded and professional.

Final Verdict

In order to share the URL on social mediums or through other mediums all we need is to make it look better and more professional. It’s one of the legit ways to make your URL shorter and reliable. Make sure to follow the above schematics to maintain the URLs and to make it look good while sharing. Undoubtedly it’ll take some time at the very beginning but later onwards, once you get used to it then it’ll become more easy and convenient for you to shorten the URLs.


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