The Beginner’s Guide to URL Shorteners: How to Shorten and Track Links

In the digital marketing world, URL shortening is the most underrated term just because most of the people won’t take it as their primary engagement sources to make their community more impressive. I wished to know this before at the very beginning of my carrier.

From the past couple of years, I came to know that URL shortening is an important term that needs to get focused upon. Once you get started you’d probably come to know how useful it in terms of every aspect of blogging.

Through Cliqqo we used to provide the informative notations and strategies which you can apply practically and that’s what this post is all about.

If you’re looking for a complete guide to URL shorteners just stick with the post as we have discovered several ways so that you could easily get started without distraction. But before that let me convey your few things which you need to know to get started with URL shortening.

What Is URL Shortening? 


If you’re new to social media marketing, then you might get to know how annoying it becomes when it comes to sharing a link of certain web pages. You need to share the complete detailed longer links which make no sense, as it looks pretty irritating and unprofessional.

To get rid of this URL shorteners are been used widely by several online marketers and bloggers out there to maintain professionalism. You might have been sent hat most of the online influencers used to share the link that is too shorter and uncomplicated, that’s because they use the URL shortening technique which makes the link too shorter which looks pretty good.

There are several tools available out there which claim of shortening and tracking the links of social platforms but usually, they charge you for so. But here we’re going to talk about pocket-friendly strategies which can be applied by any beginner. 

How To Make URL Shorten


Undoubtedly there are tons of tools available that can be used to shorten the links and make it professional in terms of sharing on the social mediums, few of them are pretty impressive which even makes your link native.

There are some neat tools that handle every single thing that is necessary to shorten the URL from link shortening to analytics and archives too which are useful terms. To make your task easier you domain name which is in the URL is then replaced by the new alternative domain like changes to and the permalink is then replaced by numbers or letters which makes your link too shorter and minimal.

Let me share some of the best URL shortening tools:

Apart from the specific tools, there are few of the social media platforms out there which helps you to shorten the links and to manage it in a certain way. It automatically shortens the link you want to share.

One of the most used tools is Buffer which is an all-rounder tool that helps you to shorten the links and to make it look better while sharing. I truly like it’s custom features where you can actually drag the links as per need.

Twitter is one of the best examples of social media’s link shortening provider where you can easily shorten the link and it gets converted to which is a great source for mobile users where you don’t have to switch to the PC mode you can do it just from your smartphone.

I’ve shortlisted the top 6 ways which you can use shorten the URL. So let’s get deep into it.

Top 6 Ways To Use URL Shortener In Your Marketing

There might be several other ways that can be used to shorten the URL but at the initial stage of learning, you need to justify few things only that can help you in several ways in the URL shortening process.

At the very beginning, you just need to follow the following ideas that are more than sufficient if you’re looking to shorten the URL.

Use Customer & Short Domain


Let’s take an example of Twitter which is one of the best social media platforms out there. Consider yourself visiting Twitter for scrolling the feeds for Moz, most of the things in it are so unique. It makes the URL shorten and minimal. 

As they use the custom shirt URL i.e. 

To gain the engagement in a huge amount this is one of the best ways which you must use to enhance your link shortening technique. and are the best similar examples that do a similar kind of job when it comes to shortening the URL.

Also, you can use a custom domain that can be purchased from where you can set the custom shirt domain name which can be used for shortening the URL, also it can be done automatically with and which is a great thing.

Tracking The Clicks

No doubt link shortening is one of the most vital processes which needs to be done while sharing any of the links on the social medium. You can use several tools we’ve already discussed that can manage your URL.

Apart from the process of knowing how many people visited through the link, you shared it is the next process that you need to know. There are several Shortener tools available that help you to track the details about clicks.

Some URL Shorteners are allowed to get this job done by itself only. Like Cliqqo is a great example where you can see the actual clicks on the specific link you shared.

Also, there are few of the URL shorteners which directly attaches the Google Analytics data tracking. You can directly add the UTM tracking codes to the link so that you can examine the tracking details about link visits and the number of people visited the website.

Customization Of Shortened Link


One thing which I like the most about Cliqqo is that you can set the name as per the choice. It has the ability to provide the URL shortening ability that can turn the link into very short.

Customization of the link shortening technique is a great way to enhance the way of link shortening. I usually use this kind of trick to make the URL shorten and a bit more impressive. When someone visits the link it feels so minimal and clean to get into that specific link.

Cliqqo is one of the best tools out there which allows you to shorten the link along with the custom domain names related to the website.

Make Sure To Add Shortened URL To Your Video

Consider yourself as to run the ad campaign which directs people to the websites you own. Obviously, you’ll want people to remember where they’re supposed to visit. Usually, people need to visit the shorten link which looks minimal and clean. Usually, it becomes tricky when the link is too long, but the link shortener makes the task easier as it shortens the URL.

URL shortener makes the online destination more convenient and superior in terms of easiness. While sharing a video content’s link it becomes annoying as it seems to be inconvenient and unprofessional while sharing a website’s URL.

Facebook is one of the leading examples where you can share the video content using the link shorteners like where you can easily minimize the words in the URL.

Apart from this Facebook has its own advantage of minimizing the URL Quantity which makes the sense while sharing the video. You can always visit any random website to make it shorter and convenient as possible.

Make Sure To Add Shortened URL To Plain Text Mail

Most of the time it happens that the people interact involves more than just the URL character’s string. Usually, people prefer to use the link text for searching on certain topics than just heading off to the long URL links.

It looks ugly to have a long tail URL, it doesn’t make any sense of sharing them, in order to make the link look more professional make it as short as plain text mail. The readable URL is always the best choice which is great while visiting certain websites.

Make Sure To Add Shortened URL To Print Piece

Let’s take an example, suppose that you’re willing to run an ad campaign through a magazine for any of the product you wants and supposed that traffic will drive automatically throughout but eventually that’s not true always. Because the URL of the specific page is too long. And no one wants to open the longer link.

Makes sure to shorten the URL, this will help you in various different ways. You’ll be able to drive more traffic with just a short link compared to the longer one’s.

Devote it and customize the characters included in the URL so that it would look pretty good while sharing the link. A shorter URL can helps in all kinds of prints including the coupon inserts and thank you cards. It’s one of the great and most convenient ways to enhance URL stability while sharing.

So these were a few of the ideas that will help you to get started with the URL shortening and for tracking purposes. Now let me take you to the process so that you’ll actually get to know how URL shortening processes work in the field.

For Businesses How To Shorten Links

You might be knowing how useful the link shortening is in order to improve your businesses in every aspect. It looks more professional when you share the URL Consisting of very few elements in it. Cliqqo and Google Analytics are the two main sources through which you can set up the URL consisting of very few elements in it.

The process is pretty simple just sign in to the Cliqqo dashboard and make the shorten URL. 

You’ll not need any of the other URL shortening service providers once you get used to Cliqqo where you can shorten any link you want.

When it comes to UTM services, let me convey to you that if you’re using a Google Analytics then you’ll be able to add the UTM tracking codes to every single link you share. All you need to do is select the specific UTM code you wish to use and add it to the specific URL, that’s it. 

Final Verdict

So these were the top 6 ways that you can use for shortening the URL. No doubt everyone likes a minimal link which would not look awful at some instant and that’s what you’ve to do. Make sure never ever share the long elements URL on the social platforms which look awkward. Also, I’ve mentioned a few of the tools that can help you to shorten the links you want, additionally, they also consist of tracking features which pretty good to know how many people opened the link you shared.

The Beginner’s Guide to URL Shorteners

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