Importance Of URL Shortener In Social Media Marketing

Social media is all about managing your clients by serving them the best you can. It’s the source through which you can create your own basement and brand by selling or promoting the services/products. The way you communicate with the audiences out there shows the brand value of yours. Therefore serving the best should be your first priority.

Gaining maximum traffic through promotion is what everyone likes. Besides that they do every possible thing from brand promotion to best content writing, but what if no one clicks on what you’re posting on your social media. Well, all the efforts and skills you apply to create the best content becomes useless. To get profit out of it you need to maximize your expertise by making it top-notch from headlines to the featured image to URL should be well optimized.

Way back, most of the marketers won’t be used to think much about the URL as audiences, not likes to click ok the long-tail URL link which looks pretty awkward and distracting. As long URL used to take maximum space, especially in emails and DMs. Long URL minimizes your sales, as it is pretty hectic.

A bit later onwards the concept of short URL came in between which was an awesome discovery that doubled the marketer’s sales. The digital medium nowadays uses various tools and services to shorten the link. We’ve also covered up a few of the concepts about URL shortening before so I recommend you check that out. Although URL Shortening is an important term that helps you in many aspects. 

This whole post is about the URL Shortener and its importance in the world of social media. So without any further ado let’s get started.

What Is URL Shortener? 

Well, this needs to be clear that URL Shortener’s work is to shorten down the long URL which looks pretty irritating while sharing on social media. The whole process is done via various tools and the services which we’re going to talk furthermore. Basically, the URL Shortener minimizes the elements in your URL.

Why You Should Use URL Shortener? 

The advantages behind using URL Shortener is so insane. 

URL Shortener Helps To Looks Post Better

Long URL looks too frustrating and annoying, as there’s no way out to make it look better. Whereas the URL Shortener is something that can help you a look at the post much better. Whenever you include the shortened link in a post the chances of getting clicked by the audiences get increased. There is plenty of tool available out there which helps you to make customized URL of your long boring URL.

Bitly is one of the best and legit platforms out there which helps you to create customized URLs which you can use in your social media post. It’s a great way to engage the audiences. The user-friendly URLs attracted the traffic and chances of getting clicked on that gets increased.

URL Shortener Helps You To Track the clicks, location And Time

Digital term is all about tracking, and that’s what you can do with the URL Shortener tools. There are quite a few tools that not only shorten the long URL but also track the number of clicks made on the link,  the location along with the time at which the click has made. 

Using this feature you can actually examine a lot about your business growth and statistically manage your business input. With URL Shorteners and some of the social media reporting tools, you can build up a large user base and brand.

URL Shortener Helps In Branding

Who else doesn’t like branding! Everyone likes it and that’s what you can do with URL Shortener. They not only help you to shorten your URL but also you can create the customized link as per the domain name based upon the product or service name which will help you maximize your brand value in certain instances. 

Let’s take an example of Amazon which creates it’s customized URL i.e. which is an easy abbreviation. Also, it allows you to create some more additional names which increase its brand value. 

In a similar way, you can also create your own custom URL using certain tools. 

It Helps You To Drive Maximum Traffic To Your Website

Now that’s what seems to the profitable topic, through URL Shortener you can actually capture the more traffic. Although, as you start making the short URLs you’ll get to know that the clicks get tremendously increased by the time. With that audiences used to share the link with the other too that alternately gives profit to you.

The benefit of URL Shortener is that you can cross-promote the product or the services with the links, you’re sharing. Let me tell you there are various  URL shortening tools like Bitly & which helps you to drive maximum traffic to your website. Apart from this to make it sustainable you can add the custom badge to your website. With the help of all these essentials, you can drive more traffic throughout your blog. 

So, these were the importance of using an URL Shortener in social media marketing. Now lets the kind of tools that helps you to create the best possible Shortened links which will maximize your growth rate. 

Best URL Shorteners Which Provide Custom Shortened URLs

Here are the best possible recommendations, there might be tons of tools available on the internet Which claims of providing the best services but here we’ve shortlisted the best and most reliable tools Which will help you to shorten your link along with the custom URL name.



Good things first, here’s the Cliqqo, which you can use for free. All you have to do is to create an account using your email address. Once you begin with it you’ll get to know that it’s one of the best platforms out there.

Along with the URL shortening, you can also, track the URL clicks and some more things which are essential to growing social media engagement. Cliqqo analytics helps you a lot in this process to track all the necessity.

Key Features

  • It’s a highly trusted platform. 
  • You can actually examine whether your shorten link is providing much traffic or not.


Cliqqo is a free platform that helps you to manage your shortened URL. The premium plan starts from $7.99.

Try URL Shortner Now



Rebrandly is our top choice to choose amongst all just because it offers some tremendous features Which others don’t. Rebrandly helps you to create and share the customized domain as per the choice. You just need to visit the official website and get signed up and it’s done, you’ll now be able to create the custom domain URL out of it.

Rebrandly not only helps you to shorten the link but it also helps you to track the no. of clicks, create unlimited links, retargeting the links, add URL codes, etc. Moreover, you can create branded links too Which is a great thing. The concept of Rebrandly is pretty simple as it helps to remove the unidentified links Which looks bit spam while sharing.

Instead of that the branded links Which include the elements Which can be remembered are more beneficial. Using the branded links your CTR will get increased as it’ll also help you to grow your website. Rebrandly is a great platform out there if you’re looking for an all in one tool Which would get your work done.

Key Features

  • You can add emoticons to the URL. 
  • Rebrandly allows you to create the customized domain Which signifies your brand value. 
  • On the spot, you’ll be able to track the details about the link. 


The pretty impressive as you get access to all of the features of Rebrandly at just $2/ month which is negligible. 

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If you’re quite familiar with the URL shorteners then you might hear of which is a great tool out there Which you can use to shorten down the link. It’s simple to use as it overlays the custom message to a shortened link. Although it’s a URL Shortener tool also helps you to call to action Which is a great thing.

Despite this is an all-rounder platform Which also sets some sort of other advantages as well as tracking the no. of clicks, branding, etc. All you need is to sign up on the to get access to all the features Which you’ll need to maintain the early access.

Key Features

  • allows you to do RSS integration. 
  • It also allows you to add an unlimited call to actions along with different brand names. 
  • Its extension allows you to create the snips.


Although is a paid platform that gets started from just $29/ month and goes up to $299/ month, if you’re a beginner you get a free trial of 14 days where you can examine the whole features of the before investing a single penny it.

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Now here comes the highly used tool which is managing the tons of URL to shorten down. Bitly is one of the leading tools in terms of every aspect of the URL shortening process. It’s the highly used platform that processes more than 8 billion clicks on their links in a month. You can easily shorten, manage, and track the URL whenever you want. 

To get started with the Bitly visit the official website and sign up for using their services. Although you can create the shorten link for free so you don’t have to worry much about it. Also, you’ll be able to share the shorten bitlink anywhere you want as per the need. Bitly also helps you to track the clicks on the URL Which is a great thing about it.

Key Features

  • You’ll be able to create the branded links Which will maximize your brand value. 
  • Bitly helps you to create mobile-friendly URLs. 
  • One can track the no. of clicks and also analyze the link branding. 


You can create the shorten URL for free but if you want to track them then you’ll need to upgrade to their premium services Which starts from $29/ month Which is an awesome deal.

So these were my top picks of the tools Which you can use for shortening the URL. Also, you get some additional Features with it Which works tremendously well in terms of tracking and analysis.

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Final Verdict

So we’ve discussed a lot about URL shorteners and their advantages in every aspect to grow your website. Make sure to use it in certain ways. Apart from this, we’ve also seen top best URL shortening tools Which you can use to shorten the URL and also to track the no. of clicks made on it Which will give you an idea about it.

Make sure to know more about the Social Pilot Which is an important term to integrate with the URL shorteners. Also, I would recommend you check out a complete detailed guide on URL shorteners, Which will guide you in various ways and also introduce you with the URL shorteners.


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