URL Shortener — The Ultimate Guide to Earn Money Quickly in 2020

After lots of researches, I came across various facts which you need to know about businesses. Most of the bloggers, social media influencers, affiliate marketers usually find difficulty in getting paid through affiliate link sharing, articles posting, or services selling. The competition is higher in each field and so one needs to be more creative. 

This complete guide about URL shortener will help you to monetize your links and to generate more revenue in a short period of time so make sure to stick with us. 

Quora is one of the leading Q&A platforms out there where you’ll see A tons of content (questions and answers) related to link shorteners and monetizing process but here in this post, we’ll be talking in-depth about URL Shortener and how to monetize it. So without wasting much time of yours let’s dive into monetization of the URL shortening process. 

What Exactly Is URL Shortener? 

URL Shortener is a tool, application or you can say software that allows you to minimize the elements included in the URL. Basically, it shortens the URL by providing a short URL instead of that which is a great thing. Apart from this you can also track the details about the specific link that how many conversations have been taken place and the number of clicks on the specific link. 

URL shortener compiles in targeted posts, social media platforms, and the blog posts. You can customize the URL as per choices using the tools, also you can track the details about the URL so that you could able to identify whether it works for you or not. The domain name included in the URL is chosen based upon the website name. URL shortener visits the provider first and then the web page link of yours. 

How Can You Use URL Shortener? 

In every aspect of online businesses you’ll need URL shortener, let me clarify you by following usages of it:-

  • URLs Shrinking:-  If you want to share something on social media platforms you usually coly the text in the URL which seems to be very long. Most people think that it would be spam and hence they ignore it. With the use of a URL shortener, you can shorten the link and make it minimal and clean which looks pretty good while sharing it on social platforms. 
  • URLs Tracking:- Undoubtedly there’s a lot of ways to make money online, out of which affiliate marketing is one of them where you need to share the link of specific products or services via social media, blog posts or direct message but the URL is too long and you cannot track who clicked on the link. Of course, you can use plugins for tracking but it costs you too much which does not make any sense. 

In such a case you can use a URL shortener to shorten the URL also you’ll able to track the details about the URL. Also, you’ll be able to see the incoming traffic through the shortened link. 

How URL Shorteners Make Money? 

Every branch of field needs money to expand their business protocol and that’s what URL shorteners do, here are the top 3 sources from which URL shorteners make money.

  • Usually, the highest revenue of URL shorteners is been generated through gathering and selling the data of others. What I mean to say is after complete analyzing, collecting the data they used to sell it to other industries of similar niches.
  • They earn through advertisements on their service page. Most of the bloggers or website builders used to advertise their blog on the URL shortener’s service page so that to do marketing. To attach the significant banner they used to charge them every month. This is one of the primary sources of generating revenue by hiring advertisers.

Advantages Of URL Shorteners

Advantages are endless, though URL shorteners are the most useful to enhance the quality of your brands. Here we came across the legit advantages which you should look upon:-

Makes Your Link Minimal

When you want to share some of the URLs with your loved ones or on the social media platforms, it looks annoying and bit unclean which impacts negatively on the viewers. In such cases, the link shortener can be a great choice to enhance your brand value which plays an important role.

I usually notice while sharing affiliate links you need to copy the long-lasting link which does not make any sense, in case you can use the link shortener to make it minimal and clean so that viewers will not get it as a scam or useless. It’s one of the user-friendly ways to get rid of long URLs.

The great example is Amazon.in where already there’s an option of shortening the URL which you can use while sharing the affiliate links on the social media platforms out there. Also while some of the social mediums like Twitter won’t allow you to write the text more, in such case you can take the help of link shortener while sharing the link.

Make Money

It sounds horrible but that’s true you can make money out of it. URL shortener’s algorithm allows you to use their services for the promotion purposes, each time you promote it, and each time the clicks take place on the URL you share you earn a certain amount of revenue through it. 

Usually, the URL shorteners providers split their advertisement based upon the services, links, and the tools which you add them on the banner page of your blog posts. This is one of the unique ways to make money through link shorteners.

You Can Track The Data & Analyze It

When we talk about an affiliate marketing program, undoubtedly its one of the primary sources of money-making for some people out there, but here you actually cannot identify that from which of your affiliate link you’re earning more. In such a case, URL shorteners can help you.

One can track and analyze the info about the URL shorteners so that from which they’re earning and also one can identify the clicks which are made by the viewers out there.

How To Make Money Using URL Shorteners?

Now here comes the point of which this whole post is all about. For sure you can make money using URL shorteners but not all URL shorteners allow you to make money.

Only the paid one allows you to generate revenue. Here we’re going to see the paid options which allows you to make money out of it by sharing their services, shorten URLs, Referral programs, and other promotional campaigns.

One of the most legit ways to generate passive income is by sharing the shortened URL in your blog posts. Also, you can write complete blog posts about the link shorteners so that to generate a decent amount of bucks. If you write an article on any of your blogs where traffic is not an issue, by embedding the shortened link on such sites you’ll be able to generate the passive source of revenue. 

Linkvertise is one of the best link shortener out there which helps you to make your link shorter and minimal. So make sure to have a look upon it. 

The complete process to get started with Linkvertise (You can also look upon other URL shorteners which work as similar) follow a few things mentioned below:- 

Register To Linkvertise

  • At the very first visit the official page of the website where you can select the language, as it’s the German-based company which also allows you to change the language (Only two options are available German & English).
  • Get registered to the services of Linkvertise by clicking on the registration where you’ll have to provide the personal info and some more details. Enter the current email address and password as per choice, and it’s done with the registration process.
  • After registration, you’ll receive a mail of succeeding in the registration. The page link will be given there which will redirect you to the homepage of the Linkvertise. 
  • Again you’ll have to change the language by clicking on the flag likewise. 

Change Dashboard Settings

  • At the very first you’ll have to get to the notification panel where you’ll get to know about guidelines.
  • This is one of the important section where you’ll get to know about your earnings and the number of clicks per URL (Basically here you can track the details).
  • Here you get an option of filtering your revenue as per 7 days, 30 days, or even a year which is a great thing about the Linkvertise.


This is one of the most important parts if you want to generate the revenue from the link shorteners. You’re allowed to transfer the amount of money generated via PayPal, Payoneer, Paysafecard, and direct bank transfer (most reliable) in such cases you’ll need to change the settings. 

But make sure that unless you’ve driven the specific amount of clicks, you’ll be able to transfer the amount using the above options. Make sure to add your bank details or the PayPal account details to make sure about the payment requirements.

Affiliate Program

Most of the online marketers like to generate revenue using affiliate programs and that’s why you can do here. You get an option of affiliate programs straight o your home screen where you can get registered and begin with the affiliate links providers just by providing the referral links to the visitors.

Make Shortened Link Using Linkvertise

For creating a shortened link you’ll have to go through the dashboard where you’ll get an option of link shortening which is a great choice for generating the short links while sharing it on social media platforms. 

You just have to enter the URL which you’ve wanted to get trimmed and that’s it later onwards you’ll be able to make it as short so you can share it anywhere you want.

So we came across the whole process of money-making using Linkvertise but let me give you a few more lists likewise so that you can also get subscribed to them if you want.

Top Highest Paying URL Shorteners

The list is long-lasting but here we’re going to talk about the topmost highest paying URL shorteners so let’s get started



Linkvertisee is Germany based link shortener company that pays the highest revenue to the users. They provide up to €10 for every 1000 views for just shortening the link and whenever visitors will click on the link you’ll earn money.

But they’ve created some other ecosystem from which you can maximize your earnings up to €70 per 1000 views but here you’ll have to do some more advanced tasks which can mess your work. If you’re a great strategy you can do it so and make more money using it.


  • You’re able to earn money on every click visitors conduct through your link.
  • You can always make up to €8 to €11 for 1000 views.
  • You can transfer the amount via 4 different options i.e. Paypal, Payoneer, Paysafecard, and bank transfer.

Visit Website



 UIZ.IO is the other highest paying link shortener platform which allows you to generate the revenue based upon the views. It claims you can generate the revenue even if the multiple users clicks on the same IP. Also, you can earn up to $5 before getting paid.

UIZ.IO has approximately more than 9000 registered users which used to earn money through it. I would say if you belong to any other country rather than European countries then just keep your hand on it, you’ll be able to generate more revenue using it.


  • The minimum amount of withdrawing is $5, as you reach the minimum amount every Monday you can transfer the money.
  • You can select the payment option via Paypal, Payoneer, bitcoin, and Webmoney.

Visit Website



Shorte.st is one of the well-known platform out there which allow you to earn money more quickly by sharing the link on the blog posts or via social media. Meanwhile, Shorte.st is one of the topmost link shorteners which provides you huge benefits regarding trust and revenue.

Its affiliate program is well managed as it gives you 20% of every 100 clickers, which means you can make up to $20.


  • You’re allowed to get a 20% commission of every referral.
  • You can transfer the money via PayPal, Payoneer, and Webmoney.

Visit Website



Shrinkearn.com is one of the best link shorteners of all time which you can use to shorten the URL. Its widely used platform worldwide which makes the sense of using it. You’re allowed to transfer the amount once you reach $5 which is as low. 

It has more than 2,11,099 registered users which is a great thing. Here you get up to $20 as per 100 views (based upon country-wise).


  • Payment transfer can be done once you reach $5.
  • You’re allowed to transfer the payment 34/7 which makes the plus point of it.
  • By sharing the referral links with your friends you can earn up to 20% of commission which is a great thing.

Visit Website



Adf. Ly is the next highly used platform out there which you can use to generate revenue and also shorten the link. It provides you up to $14 on every 100 views which is a great thing.

Adf.ly also allows you to get connected with the affiliate programs so that you’ll be able to get up to 20% of commission which makes the sense of using it. The minimum transfer must be $5 which you can transfer to your account.


  • The minimum payout must be $5 which is a good thing.
  • You can earn up to 20% of the commission rate of each referral.
  • You can transfer the money via Payoneer, PayPal, and bank transfer.

So these were the topmost 5 Platforms of link shortening which you can use to earn money quickly in 2020. Apart from this, there might be some other ways but when it comes to legit a genuine platform the above ones come the first in the list.

Visit Website

Final Verdict

 There are various other platforms available that won’t allow you to get paid as quickly as possible. But the above-mentioned ones are the platforms which help you to generate the money a quickly as possible. If you like to make more money you can always integrate your website to the link shorteners.


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