Different Ways to Use Short Links in Marketing

Link shortening is an important part that leads you to the success of your businesses. If you’re struggling to know the usage of the short links we’re here to help you through the process. In this detailed guide, I’ll be going to share the top ways that’ll let you use the short links throughout your marketing journey that is essential for you to know about. So make sure to stick till the end.

But before proceeding furthermore let me convey to you a few more things that you need to know about short links.

What Are Short Links? 

Basically, the short links are the URL that you usually used to see in the search bar, you’ll notice that the long links look pretty bad and are not reliable while sharing on social media or any other platforms. In such a case you can make it shorter just by eliminating the elements in it. Once you do that your task gets much easier, you can then share the links.

Not only that you can customize it accordingly that’ll make it look good and if you’re sharing on social media you’ll also be able to track it accordingly.

All You Need To Know About The URL Shorteners

URL shorteners are basically a tool that lets you minimize the elements in the URL accordingly, apart from this you can customize it accordingly by adding the custom domain name. By making the link even branded you can also gain more engagement out of that. The overall performance of the link increases just by maintaining it. There are various tools available like Cliqqo, Bitly, Rebrandly, etc. that provide you the link shortening services.

Moreover, you might also take the help of the free tools available out there at the very initial stage. 

Why Shortened Links Are Useful? 

The sure short reason behind using the link shortened link is that it looks damn good compared to the long links that consist of numbers, letters, alphabets, etc. The longer links are ugly and sometimes it might be scary while sharing on social media. And sometimes it might look like a scam which impacts badly on medium. 

The custom or short URL can be made just with the help of a URL shortener that allows you to cut off the unwanted alphabets and numbers in the link which makes it even more branded. A similar short link can be used to redirect the people to the webpage. There are no changes in the algorithm of the link.

Once you understand how to minimize the elements in the long link and make it shorter the task gets is here and you will be able to use it to improve your marketing strategies. So without further ADO let’s dive deep into it.

Best Ways To Use Short Links In Marketing

I’ve shortlisted a few of the best ways to use the short links that are essential for you to know about, following are the list:

1. Social Media


We’ll know very well that how social media is improving day by day and the users are increasing by the time by 2X. You can maximize the marketing strategies by using the short links that make your social media handles even more effective. Shorten links are not only being used in the Instagram bios and the twitters but you can also use them to get the people to connect with your Facebook profile which will indirectly help you to improve the engagement of the audience all the way around.

Not only that while sharing the website URL of your webpage you can also drive traffic throughout the website so easily. You can create the branded links by adding the domain names to make it look good and sure it using social media accounts that’ll hell, you to grow your brand. Also, let me conclude that if you’re an owner of any organization you can use the shorten links just in giveaways which redirects the traffic to the webpage.

While using them into the giveaways he trustworthy and the branded authenticity increases and indirectly your engagement also drastically increases. More you share the link more participants will redirect to the giveaway content. And in the end, you can also track the details that how many users have participated in the giveaways.

Another big issue of using the Long link is that increase if you partnered with any of the big company they often give you a long tail link which looks pretty annoying and awful and most of the people’s Ignore. In such a case you can use the URL shortener so ad to make it look good and decent and the chances of engagement increase. A similar strategy can also be applied ok the affiliate marketing program that allows you to make the long tail URL short as possible.

2. Email Marketing


If you are running a business then you might be very familiar with the email tracking feature which is one of the essential marketing Analytics tools that allow you to get in touch with the customers. By email marketing, you can let the customers know about the current deals and offers going out there about your company or organization. Using the short links you can notify them about it and surely the conversation will get increased which indirectly benefits your businesses.

I’ve shortlisted a couple of ways of using the link shortening method in email marketing that’ll bring out sales, so here are they:

  • You can add the short URL in the text of the email which will improve the engagement. As we all know how short links are better and looks branded at certain instance this is the method you can apply in order to gain more engagement through the link that you shared. By eliminating the unwanted elements the link becomes more branded which eventually not looks spammy at a certain instance, redirecting the people through that specific link to the web page will eventually help you to increase the attention towards your website. 
  • For tracking the data of recipients you can always add the link to the CTA button which makes it even more convenient in order to get more attention towards your website or web page. Just shortening the URL is not sufficient you will have to add some sort of domain name in it so as to make it more branded, it will help you to showcase your brand and maximize the sales. In case if you are running an eCommerce store this method is truly beneficial just to get more traffic to your website.

So make sure to check them out subsequently in order to gain more attention towards your website. 


We all know how comments please and vital role in each of the online medium, it also includes social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can specifically give the answer to the specific question by including the short URL links in that comment section, it will improve your engagement and take the visitor to that specific web page where they will get the answer to the query.

Rather than including the text, you can always share the shorten link it will be more beneficial for them, but just sharing the shorten link is not enough you have to make it even more branded by adding some sort of domain name and eliminate the unwanted elements in it. Recognition you get true that specific branded links are much more than just a normal shorten link, and the good thing is that branded things are easy to Remember when we compare it with the long tail link.

Also, you can apply the same thing in your competitors’ comment section in order to drive more traffic through your website. There are several URL shorteners available in the Marketplace that you can use it in order to maintain the sustainability of your brand. 

4. Links In The Bio


Most of the time you might have been noticed that most of the YouTubers and the influencers intended towards the branded link which they used to share on the social media bio, this will not only keep the link branded but also drives more traffic to the website or the YouTube channel. This is one of the most convenient ways to enhance the marketing strategy that you can apply in your case too. 

If you’re using social media make sure that your bio should include the link that can be Clickable and can also be shared in certain instances. Instagram is widely used all across the globe and most of the people are highly intended towards it. I suggest you mention the links to your website in order to get more engagement out of that.

5. Podcast 

The podcast is one of the most convenient ways to enhance your learnings even if you’re playing, driving, cooking, etc. You can always listen up to the podcasts of your choice. If you’re a business owner and wanted to promote the product or the service, in such a case for redirecting the visitors to the webpage you can always include the link in the middle of the podcast. The shorter links are easy to pronounce and to remember so make sure to do that subsequently.

There are tons of podcast channels that are creating the best voice overs by adding several shorten branded links in the middle of the podcast. Or in case if you want to make it more convenient for the users to visit that specific link, you can always add the URL in the description which will help them to get to the webpage just by clicking ok that link. So make sure to apply the strategy in order to get more conversations out of that.

Final Verdict

You can maximize your business growth just by using the link shortener, but make sure to include the specific domain name in order to make it more branded. This will help you to maximize the sales and growth of your Business. If you’re still not using the link shorteners to eliminate the elements in the URL and to make it branded, you’re lacking most out of it. Not only that with the help of link shorteners you can also track the details of that specific link which helps you to examine the growth. So make sure to use the above strategies that’ll help you to maximize your business growth.

Different Ways to Use Short Links in Marketing

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