YouTube URL Shortener: Create Short Links For YouTube in 3 Easy Steps

Are you the one who usually, suffers from the link shortening issues?

Most of you might be, nothing to worry much as we have shortlisted some of the ways which will help you to shorten down the YouTube URL link. Most of the people out there think that it takes too much time to shorten the link but literally if you do in the right manner than its where is here looking at the shorten link.

But because just diving deep into the steps let me convey to you a few of the essential as bit regarding link shortener which you need to know.

What Is URL Shortener? 

A URL shortener is a tool for the platform where you can customize the link URL as per your choice. You might have seen on social media mostly on the influences used to promote their link, the link which they use to share are pretty impressive just because of the consists of very few elements in it. Those elements are minimized and just because of the URL shortener.

We have already written a couple of blog posts about the best URL shorteners and their usage which you can refer to if you want to know about them.

But the good things first most of the people suffer through the issue that is shortening the URL for the YouTube channel. It’s 2020 and most of the businesses have gone online, and 75% of the internet user is active on social media. So if you are an influencer or a business marketer ensure you will need a URL shortener to share the content link.

Importance Of URL Shortener

There is seamless importance of the URL shortener which cannot be counted but still, there are few aspects on which URL shortener depends upon.

Most of the URL shortener also provides the customization feature where you can actually customize the link according to your need. Like you can add custom domain name instead of the name provided by the URL shortener former, create branded links, etc.

If you are a social media marketer or an influencer URL shortener is the must-have tool that allows you to make the link to shorten and branded file sharing via any platform including YouTube. Although most of the social media platforms like Twitter provide the inbuilt feature of URL shortener which is a good thing in order to make the other links shorten you will need an external platform that will get your work done.

Why There’s A Need To Shorten The Link? 

One of the biggest reasons why audiences, not stay with you for a longer time is that sharing a long-tail URL link that looks ugly. Providing a shorter link can help you to improve your audience engagement and clicks so this is the biggest reason you should use a URL shortener. 

In this post, I will be talking about Cliqqo which is one of the leading and best URL shorteners available out there which helps to shorten URL link. 

I have shortlisted some of the benefits which you need to know about URL shortener:-

Shorten links provide the best visibility and attract the audiences

Most of the time it happens that you need to share the specific link but the link is too much longer and elements included there is too much and for so you need to shorten those links. URL shortener plays an important role in this case which makes your link look pretty awesome and easy to digest. 

Cliqqo also allows you to customize the specific shorten link by adding a certain domain to it according to your choice which makes it look more attractive and branded while sharing anywhere including social media.

According to research, it’s been noticed that the click rate of the shorten link get increase which eventually helps your business to grow. If you are an influencer then this process might help you a lot to get success in your business.

If you are an individual creator then the chances of getting suicide in the platform get higher, also you can show your audience how brand conscious you are. Each time you share the branded links improve your engagement with the audience eventually it will help you to grow your user base and brand value.

Shorten links are well optimized for social media

Social media is all about sharing the content with the audiences and that’s how to link shortener helps you. Whenever you shorten the link the task gets easier as you can easily share YouTube links with your audiences also it gets easier for them to copy and paste those links and share the specific link with others.

Shorten link also takes less space while sharing on social media posts, it can fit finely into the comment section and the description which makes it the value-added thing which needs to be noticed all the time.

If you are the one who usually used is Instagram or Facebook for sharing your post on YouTube videos then link shortener like Cliqqo will get your job done in a more productive manner. If you are a Twitter user there is no need for a link shortener as it already has an inbuilt URL shortener which shortens down your URL and makes it look better and awesome.

So we have discussed a lot about URL shortener and dear working but now let’s hop into the steps which will help you to shorten the link for YouTube. I would use Cliqqo as an example which is a great and most reliable tool out there which allows you to shorten your link.

3 Easy & Reliable Steps For Creating The Short Links

I have shortlisted quick steps which will help you to shorten the link using Cliqqo for YouTube:-

STEP 1: Make Sure To Login And Create An Account On Cliqqo

Visit and make sure to create an account that doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Even if you have zero knowledge about link shortener do you can create an account, it is that is easy to create an account on Cliqqo.


Once you create an account on Cliqqo, it will automatically take you to the dashboard, which looks something like this.


STEP 2: Copy The Specific URL And Paste It

Copy and paste the URL that you want to make short and then click the shorten button that will eventually make URL shorten in terms of elements.


STEP 3: Copy That Shortened URL And Paste

The treat your shorten URL is ready, once it gets ready you can share it anywhere anytime as for your choice. It will attract users due to its minimum element. Just copy that shortened URL in the clipboard and share it wherever you want.


You can use that shorten URL in a comment, YouTube description, social media, bio, etc. To promote your YouTube channel and specific video you want to be.

As the Cliqqo provides you the metrics of tracking information about the clicks you can see it in the dashboard. Here are the few entities which you need to follow in order to track the details about the shared shortened link.

What Are The Link Metrics You Get Through Cliqqo? 

Once you learn how to shorten the long URL the next process you need to know about links metrics which eventually helps you to track all those shorten links and know about them.

I have listed some of the things which you can do with the link metrics via Cliqqo:

You will get to know about the numbers of clicks and time of that

The link which was shortened and shared can be tracked in such a way that you will be able to see the number of clicks over there and the time of the click on that link. This is one of the most have featured in each URL shortener out there which helps you to track it accordingly.

You will get to know about the location information

Cliqqo and most of the other URL shorteners allow you to track the location of a specific person or you can say this specific origin globally. If you are a social media marketing or an influencer then this is the must-have feature that allows you to track and maximize your sale.

You will be able to track the referrers 

Along with the location of a certain customer or the audience you will also be able to see the referrers who used to share the specific link provided to the others. This feature will help you to track the audiences. 

This is the must-have feature in Youtube which eventually will help you to track this info which is a necessity to know about. 

So these were some of the essential steps through which you can build your own customized shorten URL link via Cliqqo as there are various platforms out there that you can use to shorten down the YouTube link. 

Other Top URL Shorteners

At the end let me quickly introduce you with some of the top URL shorteners are available out there in the market place which you can use in various different ways in the growth of your business and to make your long URL look awesome and branded:-


Rebrandly is one of the most recommended and best-in-class URL shorteners available out there which you can use to shorten the URL link. Though it’s a paid platform it also allows you to access their free services which won’t provide you that much feature but if you want to get started with it then it is fair enough.


Minimal and easy to use URL shortener which makes you are URL. Do it is not that advanced tool where you will get a decent feature that will get your job done if you are looking for an easy and most valuable tool.

If you are a social media marketer or an influence then this is the must- tool which comes up with the decent features which allow you to track the shorten URL which works as similar to the Cliqqo. You don’t have to create an account if you just want to shorten the URL.

This is a very unique kind of URL shortener that allows you to make money when someone clicks on the URL you have shared with them. This is one of the newly discovered processes which needs to be accessed by the influences and digital marketers all across.


Though click meter is an advertising agency it also allows you to shorten the link according to your nail also you can customize it according to the domain name which one selects as per your choice.

So these were some of the best in class URL shortener out there which you can use for shortening the URL link accordingly.

Final Verdict

It doesn’t matter whether you are a digital marketer, blogger, YouTuber, social media influencer, etc as each digital platform needs URL shorteners at a certain instant which will shorten the URL as per the need.

Not only that the tracking feature allows you to track specifically about the shortened URL which is the must-have a picture in URL shortener.


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